Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yes, the Jews should have the right to return to their homes in the Arab countries, and so do the Palestinians have the right to return to their home

22 october 2006

Recently in Jerusalem, a committee was organized called “Justice for Jews of the Middle East”/ This organization is seeking more than $100 BILLION in compensation from Arab countries, and if the success of European Jews is an indication, then for sure “Arab Jews” will succeed in collecting the $100 BILLION and more.
Soon the US Congress will pass a law that will make it mandatory for Arab countries to pay and compensate Arab Jews for properties left behind. May be the US Congress will pass a law taxing every oil barrel, every bail of cotton, every can of olive oil produced in the Middle to raise the necessary funds and will add a $100 surcharge on every tax bill of any “Arab” living in the US and paying taxes. May be the White House will appoint a Czar to raise and collect this $100 BILLION in compensation to Arab Jews.
As a Palestinian American I am all for the Arab Jews seeking compensation for property loss and I have advocated this for a long time. I even go further, I advocate that Arab Jews have every right to return HOME to their countries in the Middle East, including Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq among others. I also advocate and call for the establishment of an international commission that will investigate the circumstances behind the Arab Jews leaving their countries, and should open an investigation into the actions of the Jewish Agency and the Mossad in creating events that led the Jews to leave. This international commission should also have the same mandatory powers to investigate the circumstance that lead the Palestinians to go into exile. I am for the right of the Jews to return home to their countries, in Morocco, in Tunisia (not sure if Senator George Allen will chose to return to Tunis), to return to Egypt and Iraq and of course to the nation-state of the Borough of Brooklyn.
As a Palestinian American will property taken over by Jewish settlers in the West Bank of El-Bireh, who claim that G-d gave them my land and the property of my parents and their parents, I am willing to forego all of my rights to such a property and cede to any Jews from the US or any where in the world who will file a claim in any US District court and who can present to the court that he/she has a dead for the property signed by G-d or witness by Mohamed, Jesus, Moses, Noah even Abraham. If the US District court will formally and legally recognizes the right of a Jew to my property then I am willing to give it all up and accept the ruling of such court. Until this happens and until Jews from the US or any where in the world can prove that G-d gave them my property and prove it in a court of law in the US, then and only then will I accept the notion of the promise land.
I do hope that Arab Jews can succeed in claiming their rights to their properties in Arab countries and can succeed in their right of return. May be they can establish an added precedent for the Palestinian to sue for the right of return and sue for the right to recover their properties within Israel and perhaps then and only with such an international commission can we set aside all of the lies and discover the truth about the exiles of Palestinians by Israel Jews and the exiles of Arab Jews by Arabs

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