Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An Open Forum with No Censorship

**Original Post: 3 April 2005

The constitutional right of Free Speech granted and embedded in the Constitution of the United States is now and for sometimes have been under assault. The Government, though more powerful that ever, and now driven by “national security” remains for the most part faithful to the Constitutions of the United States and of course under the watchful eyes of many organizations committed to the preservation and protection of our constitutional rights, making sure our government operates within the constitutional parameters and frameworks set forth by our founding fathers.

The right of free speech and the opportunity to exercise such right in a free and open forum is facing assault and restriction these days by media controlled and owned by conglomerate and by big corporations, by editorial boards of major and national newspapers that makes all of the decisions on what is written and published in editorial pages and letters to editors, by college administrators who themselves are also under assault by powerful groups and individuals motivated and driven by political, religious and ideological interest and agenda undermining academic freedoms on campus and in the class rooms, to the point where individuals and organizations seek to decide what courses to be taught, what issues to be raised and discussed, what speakers should be invited and dis-invited, with organizations committed to monitor discussions within the class rooms. These sad and tragic turn of events and the polarization in our country does not leave much room for a civil and well organize forum for public debate, where individuals can step up to the podium and say what they want to say and express their own personal opinions on issues of concerns for themselves and for the nation.

There are no free and designated public forums “Free Speech Zone or Speaker’s Corner” for discussions and the expression of free speech. Censorship is now exercised not by governments but by organizations and powerful groups, leaving no room for individual citizens to express their own opinion. Thus the need for designated area where Free Speech rule. Jefferson Corner is the Speaker’s Corner of the USA.

Jefferson Corner is dedicated to the promotion and sponsorship of such free speech corners and zones in towns, cities and college campuses across the country and will seek the designation of a Jefferson Corner in every town, city and college campus, where citizens can mount the “soapbox” and enjoy and celebrate the First Amendment right of Free Speech. Help us organize a Jefferson Corner, America’s Speaker’s Corner in your town, city and campus.

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