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Turki Al-Faisal, The Arab World Special Peace Envoy

Turki Al-Faisal, The Arab World Special Peace Envoy.
23 01 2009

I could not think of one single person in the Arab world who is more articulate well qualified with excellent professional, academic credential, qualification, and integrity committed to the Palestinians and Arab rights and cause than HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal as the Arab world Special Peace Envoy to America and the world.

President Barack Obama took the bold step on his second day of office naming George Mitchell as the US Special Envoy to the Middle East. I think it is time for the Arab world, we the people, to have someone with the stature and professionalism like Prince Turki Al-Faisal to take the lead as the Arabs Special Peace Envoy.

During his short tenure as Saudi Ambassador to Washington, Prince Turki Al-Faisal distinguished himself with his outreach to all Arab and Muslim communities across the US, an undertaken that I know of no Arab ambassador ever took in my 48 years in the US, a reach that both disturbed the Bush Administration and the Jewish lobby.

Prince Turki Al-Faisal also made sure he reach out to America and America criss crossing the country, articulating and representing the Arab views and position on the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict that no Palestinian envoy ever bothered to undertake. He was reaching out, not waiting for invitations to cocktail parties.

No one can have more claims on Arab nationalism than the son of the late King Faisal who dedicated his life and died for Palestine and Jerusalem. Turki Al-Faisal like his late father is an Arab nationalist through and through. He is articulate, sharp, smart, and rich enough with unquestionable integrity putting the Arab and Palestinian interest as focus of his mission.

As a Palestinian in the Diaspora I could not think of a single Palestinian who matches Prince Turki Al-Faisal credentials, integrity, and intellect to represent our best interest in peace discussions with the US, with Israel and with the world. He is the only one well placed to coordinate and lead the discussions with the American administration and the world. I strongly suggest that we the Arabs and Palestinians draft Prince Turki Al-Faisal as the Arab Special Peace Envoy. We the Palestinians and the Arabs badly need someone like Prince Turki Al-Faisal to be our representative to the world.

One only needs to take a close look at those who took the lead to discuss and negotiate peace with Israel. Nothing to write home about and nothing to show for certainly nothing to be proud of. Perhaps the only exception was the team of the late Dr. Haider Abdul-Shafi who lead the Palestinian delegation to Madrid and to Washington only to be undermined by the late Yasser Arafat who was running scared that Dr. Haider, and the late Faisal Al-Hussani represent a real challenge to the leadership of Arafat and his side kicks Mahmoud Abbas and Ahmed Qurai and was afraid that his role as the “leader” will be marginalized and challenged by someone like Dr. Haider and Faisal Al-Hussaini.

Arafat was afraid that the Palestinians team of Dr. Haider will be able to achieve a break through that will bring liberation and freedom to the Palestinian people under occupation and find a redress to the all of the Diaspora and more favorable terms that he Arafat was willing to give and planned for. His acceptance of Oslo was no accident.

Concerned only with preserving his leadership and all that comes with it with access to money and power, concerned with Fatah and PLO losing its long held monopoly on the Palestinian cause, the Palestinian Axis of Evil; Arafat, Qurai and Abbas conspired to undermine the more competent and a man of integrity and stature like Dr. Haider and went to Oslo only to come back to Palestine not as liberator but as agents and managers for the Jewish Occupation.

We all know what happened next. Arafat dispatch the not so smart Ahmed Qurai, a man with much questionable integrity and competence to Oslo to lead the negotiations that saved Yasser Arafat, his Fatah and secured for them a lucrative and long term contract as managers for the Jewish Occupation.

For some 18 years we have seen the same faces, incompetent, not so smart, and corrupt with questionable integrity and professionalism leading the negotiations with Israel and the US. No need to mention names but to say the least, there is simply nothing to brag about and nothing to be proud of. A bunch of self serving individuals who are direct beneficiaries of the continued Jewish Occupation who, could never qualify to take the lead and represent the best interest of the Palestinian people both under the Jewish Occupation and the Diaspora.

Certainly the PLO and Fatah do not have a single person with enough integrity and professionalism to sit across George Mitchell, or Barack Obama let alone across the Israeli leadership with its reliance on experts and professionals from around the world. The PLO negotiating team does not have what it takes to lead to a successful negotiation that at best minimize the damage we end up with. If the past is an indication of the future then all of the Palestinians are in deep trouble.

Hamas leadership is no different than Fatah and the PLO, perhaps less corrupt but lacking the sophistication and world view, lacking the deep expertise to qualify to sit across the Israelis and the entire world Jewish community. There understanding of the world view is limited to Gaza and to Damascus and an ideology that takes us to no where as we have seen in Gaza. Yes the war on Gaza was predetermined but for Hamas to claim victory is something else. Israel lost the war because it committed war crimes.

Hence the recommendations that someone like Prince Turki-Al-Faisal be drafted as the Arab world Special Peace Envoy to the US and the world with responsibilities to coordinate all working teams and take the lead in discussions especially when it comes to Jerusalem and the refugees. I do not think the Palestinians and the Arab could afford another Oslo. Time for new bold leadership, Turki Al-Faisal has what it takes.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

After Sderot, Will President Barack Obama Visit Gaza?

Candidate Barack Obama visited the southern city of Sderot to express his support to the town people. Sderot marketed by the powerful Jewish media machine in the US as suffering a great deal from Hamas ballistic and nuclear missiles. I wonder if President Obama will make a similar visit and see for himself what America’s real missiles, real jets and real bombs and rockets did to Gaza and the people of Gaza. Candidate Obama on his visit to Sderot was reaching low to win few more Jewish votes would President Obama reaches high and reach the hundreds of millions around the world who condemned the war crimes committed in Gaza?More...

Candidate Obama expressed great support for the resident of Sderot and appreciated that the people could not have peaceful nights and could not enjoy quite dinners with wine and music. Now that Israel leveled Gaza destroying its entire infrastructure, killed thousands and injured several thousands and made homeless hundreds of thousands, using the latest weapons American could muster. Would President Obama visit Gaza to express his support for the hundreds of thousands of the people and visit the graves of all of the children and women deliberately killed by Israel? Witness devastation and total destruction, victims of a criminal partnership between Israel and the US. During his visit to Sderot, candidate Obama was accompanied by Israel's Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak, and Avi Dichter. Perhaps President Obama will be accompanied during his tour of Gaza by the parents of all those who lost their loved one, by the doctors who treated the tens of thousands by the UN relief workers who witness the cold blooded murder of women and children as they sought shelters.

Candidate Barack Obama went further by recording special YouTube message to the people and residents of Sderot. Candidate Obama declared during his visit “I think no country would accept missiles landing on their citizen”. Barack continued to say” I came to Sderot with commitments to Israeli security. Israel has the right to defend itself. Peace should not undermine security” I wonder what would President Obama says to the people of Gaza as he survey the total destruction of Gaza and witness the destruction of hospitals, schools, mosques, stadiums, food supplies centers, UN relief depots, deliberate targeting of children and parents as they sough shelter from one place to another? Would President Obama express the same rights for the people of Gaza, that they too have every right to be free, right to be safe, right to be secure and right to have enough food to have 3 meals a day, to have cooking oil, to have gas and heat, to have water to have access to their sea and to connect to the outside world. The people of Gaza may not need wine for their dinners; they only need to be alive to have dinner.

I wonder what kind of YouTube message would President Barack Obama send to the people of Gaza as they see the “only democracy” in the Middle East commits one war crime after another, using with generosity the free weapons supplied by the “greatest democracy in the world” such as; F-15s, F-16s, Apache and Cobra helicopters and phosphorous bombs destroying and killing every things in Gaza. I am sure he will see and appreciate the difference between the ballistic missiles of Hamas and the paper missiles of Israel.

Israel and for many years since its creations as a terrorist state has been committing war crimes and terrorism, and have used death and destruction as a way of life, part of the cultural and religious value system that does not respect the human life of others. It has a value system and culture that has nothing but contempt for the lives of others, especially the Palestinians who simply refuses to go down and let go of their rights in Palestine. Israel history of war crimes and terrorism is long and well documents; Deir Yassin, Qibya, Souk Albaqar school, Sabra and Shatilla, Qana 1 and Qana II, Jenin, Nablus, Hebron and the lists goes on and on. If war crimes qualifies for Noble Prize, Israelis will win 9 out of 10 such prizes.

Israel is unlike any other country in the world, it has no respect and no value for human lives especially the lives of others. It has no respect for international organizations; in fact it has nothing but contempt for the UN. Bombing and destroying UN compound at the very moment Pank Ki moon arrived in Israel. Israel is the only country that never respected any UN resolutions and has no respect for anyone in the world. It is a country and people unlike any thing we have seen in the last few centuries.

Someday America will wake up and discover perhaps little late that Israel is a clear and danger to America and Americans and the source of all of America’s ills and hate around the world. America and President Obama may discover and hopefully sooner than later that America’s total and unconditional support for Israel is wrong politics and that the views and the joy, dancing in the streets of New York City by American Jews and unconditional support by our Congress does not express the anger felt across America against Israel and its war crimes in Gaza. Perhaps President Obama and American should redefine its definition of terrorism making sure that Israel's state terrorism is terrorism even if its instruments not explosive belts but jets, tanks, helicopters, and cluster bombs. That terrorism include not only against Palestinians attacks against restaurants and buses but Jewish terrorism directed against schools and, hospitals and UN compounds.

Disgusting; Palestinian Leadership of Hamas, Fatah and PLO.

On Aljazeera International I just finished watching and listening to President Barack Obama speech at the State Department, followed by an interview on the same station with Hamas’s representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan. Last night I also watched on the same station Kahlid Mishaal statement as a follow up to the War on Gaza. More troubling was the appearance of Yaser Abed-Rabou disparaging Hamas. All I can say I simply feel disgusted with the present Palestinians leadership both Fatah and Hamas. Of course President Obama was not ready to commit political suicide on day two addressing Israel's war crimes in Gaza.More...

Khalid Mishaal declares victory over Israel after an almost total destruction of Gaza leveling its entire infrastructure of hospitals, schools, clinics and hospitals, killings and murdering 1,400, injuring and maiming 5,000, destroying over 20,000 homes. Hamas did not win, Israel lost the war because it committed war crimes and it was exposed,

I was never in favor of, in fact I always spoken against suicide bombings directed toward Israeli citizens as a mater of moral issue and principal and always thought that Hamas committed a fatal mistake with its use of suicide bombings as a form of resistance. I was even less impressed with the useless, reckless and irresponsible rockets and missiles where over 15,000 fired resulted in few death and causing minimal damage. Mishaal never set the criteria for victory in Gaza.

It seems the Palestinians like all Arabs, including Nasser, Assad, Saddam, and Arafat all can claim victory when in fact there is nothing but defeat. Never understood the measure of victory for the Arab world let alone that of Hamas in Gaza and Arafat in Oslo. Perhaps Hamas and Arafat measure victory when the death is by the thousands and not ten of thousands, and where destruction is substantial but not total.

Perhaps we can leave Hamas success and victory in Gaza and shift our attention to the even greater success and victories of Fatah. After 40 years of “liberation” and “revolution” and after hundreds of thousand dead and tens of billions of dollars stolen or wasted, Fatah returned to the Palestinian Occupied Territories as manager for the Jewish Occupation setting world records in corruptions, incompetence, reckless disregards of public interest and citizens and total irresponsibility verging on treason. An absolute failure to liberate a square inch of occupied Palestine of 67, let alone Palestine of 48.

Arafat led the PLO and Fatah for some 40 years and the best he could deliver to all those who cheered him all these years is Oslo which legitimized the Israeli Occupation and the Jewish Settlements, recognized Israel with an ever expanding borders and a Palestinian Security forces e tens of thousands to support the Palestinian Authority in its mission to protect and provide security for the Jewish Occupation, the Jewish Army and the Jewish settlers.

Abbas continued the same road of endless negotiations with Israel with his lead negotiator Saeb Eurikat touting the “peace process” that became more of a process and much less of peace. A” Road Map” set up by non other than Jewish Zionist Elliot Abrams who made sure that the Road Map is heading to no where allowing Israel to continue with its ever expanding settlements. Abbas put his trust and faith in the Quartet that simply failed to address the Jewish Occupation as the only issue on the table and turned to Israeli security as defined by Israel as its primary focus. Security for its citizens, security for its occupying army and security for its armed thugs and settlers. Of course and since Oslo the primary focus and mission of the Palestinian Authority whether that of Arafat, Qurai or Abbas was Oslo and all the legal commitments it carried toward Israeli security and its continued occupation. There is simply nothing in Oslo about ending the Occupation.

The Palestinians Authority in over 18 years not only failed to end the Jewish Occupation, it failed to establish a free and independent Palestinians state with Jerusalem as its capital, it failed to establish efficient transparent functional institutions. The PLO returned after 40 years of fraudulent claims for liberation, could not manage traffic at Manara Square and failed to establish any ministry worthy of serving the citizens, an absolute dismal failure at all levels. Israel simply will not give up the Occupation.

The PLO led the fight to liberate and only to meet miserable failure. Fatah lead the fight to liberate Palestine only to continue and remain nothing but a corrupt, incompetent racketeering organization lead by and riddled with a cadre of thugs and crooks.

Hamas may not be that corrupt but its management of the siege of Gaza, the War on Gaza, and its aftermath convinced me and so many others that Hamas lead by similar incompetent and irresponsible leadership no different than that of Fatah. Any leadership that waives the decision of war and peace to a bunch of young, reckless and irresponsible military wing with no means to prevent death and destruction let alone provide protections to the citizens of Gaza is a leadership that should be put on trial. Hamas continue to think that “armed liberation” will bring an end to the Jewish Occupation failing to understand that well armed Arab armies did not win one single battle with Israel. Hamas must not think it can liberate Gaza with its Qassam rockets. Palestinians have every right to fight Jewish Occupation, the question is how and by what means?

Fatah has to learn that its endless negotiation and business as usual with Israel will never work and succeed, must learn that “peace process” will lead to no where and will only expand the Jewish settlements and allow Israel to continue with its Apartheid Wall and allow Israel to continue to dismember the West bank to even lesser “cantons” with an ever expanding road blocks. Fatah must give up its security and management contract with Israel. The people of Israel negotiated with G-d and won.

Hamas on the other hand has to recognize that its continued reliance on “armed resistance” based on stupid useless reckless rockets will go no where and will only expose the people of Gaza to more death and destructions. Armed resistance Hamas style is not an option and is nothing more than irresponsible and reckless.

So far and for the last 60 years the Palestinian people lacked the kind of leadership that has vision, smart, corrupt free, well qualified to lead to liberation. What we has seen so far from Arafat, Qurai , Abbas, Mishaal, Haniyah, Abed-Rabbo, Saeb Euraikat, Azzam Ahmed is an insult to all the good people of Palestine and does not bid well for the chances of liberation. What is out there is nothing but disgusting.

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Fiddler on The Roof and Bernard Madoff.

Fiddler on The Roof and Bernard Madoff.
21 12 2008

When the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” came out back in 1971, it was such a big hit with me that I took 4 different dates to see it. It was a very moving story of a poor Jewish man named “Tevye” who endured a very tough and difficult time in Tsarist Russia and its frequent pogroms. With all of the difficulties he clanged to tradition, kept the faith in God and always wished he was a rich man.

Tevye perhaps speaks for all of us made poor by George Bush and the financial pogroms that put millions of Americans through, and I am sure Tevye speaks for the all of the rich Jews made poor by Bernard Madoff. I am sure all of us remember the wonderful and moving lyrics from Fiddler on the Roof

“Dear God, you made many, many poor people.
I realize, of course, that it’s no shame to be poor.
But it’s no great honor either!
So, what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?”

I’d build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen,
Right in the middle of the town.
A fine tin roof with real wooden floors below.
There would be one long staircase just going up,
And one even longer coming down,
And one more leading nowhere, just for show.”

Good thing Tevye did not live to see the day when a fellow Jew, Bernard Madoff stiffed so many rich and elite Jews out of tens of billions of dollars. Had he lived that long and immigrated to America, and became rich perhaps Tevye would have been one of them. The names Bernard Madoff stiffed looks like whose who in American Jewish community and include “ Senator Frank Lautenberg, New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon, real estate and media mogul Mortimer Zuckerman, GMAC Financial Services chairman J. Ezra Merkin (who ran a hedge fund, Ascot Partners, which reinvested many charities’ funds with Madoff), the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, Steven Spielberg’s Wunderkinder Foundation, Jeff Katzenberg, the Boston-based Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation (which has closed its doors), Eliot Spitzer’s family, the Chais Family Foundation, the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Foundation, Hadassah (the Women’s Zionist Organization of America), the United Jewish Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington , the Los Angeles’ Jewish Community Foundation’s $238 million Common Investment Pool, the American Jewish Congress, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology” this is a quote from an article that appeared in “Counterpunch” of course not to mention Yeshiva University where Bernard Madoff served on the Board of Trustees.

Since many of these charities and major Jewish personalities are heavy investors in Israel and Israeli causes, I wonder how many of these charities that lost money with Bernard Madoff support and finance Jewish settler terrorism and Jewish terrorism. One thing is for sure we know that most if not all of the money that comes to these criminal Jewish settler terrorists comes from the US. Many if not most of the money that comes to support these Jewish terrorists and criminals comes from US tax exempt charities. Charities that fund them as they go about forging documents and committing fraud to enable them to steal and rob Palestinians of their homes and properties in West Bank cities of Jerusalem and Hebron and take over lands for their settlements, no to mention terrorizing Palestinian farmers and villagers on a daily basis. These charities make it possible for these criminal terrorist settlers not to have a job but make terrorizing Palestinians a full time job paid for by American Jewish charities.

It will not be a surprise if some members of the Congress who feel Jewish charities suffered major losses that prevent them from continuing the support they give to these criminal Jewish settlers will add the Bernard Madoff Investment to the list of financial institutions qualifying for the $700 Billion bail-out.

Only on few occasions did I wish to be a Jew, and who wouldn’t (there is no need to go through difficult circumcisions since by tradition we are circumcised at young age) especially those of us born in Palestine or have Palestinian parents and lost our properties to Jewish settlers and to the State of Israel. If we were Jews we would have the rights to our properties and land and no one, not from New Jersey, or New York or Orange Country can claim the land as deeded to him/her by God.

Of course as I look and see Jews from Moldavia, Russia, the Ukraine, Hungry, New Jersey, New York, North Miami and Orange Country have a right of return, not only return but can chose the piece of land he/she wants and claim it as his/her irrespective of who is the Palestinian owner and as I look at those of us born in Palestine not only are denied the right of return, but denied the right to visit and stay beyond the 3 months tourist visa. My late father, a US citizen who qualified for the “family reunification” program as applied to my late mother had to fly out of the West Bank town of El-Bireh to Cyprus every few months (for more than 10 years) until such time he bribed an Israeli working for the civil administration who gave his a residency card to live in his home town. Denial of residency applies to any Palestinians wishing to return and live in the areas under the civil administration of the Palestinian Authority.

I am sure I do share with Tevye his wish to be a rich man, but not so sure I wish to be that rich and Jewish to qualify to be one of the clients of Bernard Madoff. Boy the man has lots of Chutzpah. Not all Jews could qualify with him, but only certain Jews, the country club type the very supper rich, the philanthropist who gives lots of money to Jewish causes and to Israel. I am sure Tevye is laughing in his grave and perhaps continue to wish he was a rich a man. As for Palestinians conversion to Judaism is always an option, why not? We could easily solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict peacefully and without much shedding of blood.

George W. Bush’s Legacy; A Foot in the Mouth, a Shoe in the Face!

Thank God/Allah there are only a few weeks left in George W. Bush’s presidency. No president in the history of the US has done so much damage to the country, to the US Constitution and the world like George W. Bush has. For sure George W. Bush will go down in history as the worst president ever in the history of the US and for good reason. Not only has he engaged the country in his war on Iraq with lies and reckless and irresponsible management of the war, but he put his Republican cronies on Wall Street and K Street, fleecing the country and stripping the US treasury clean, allowing the Federal government to trample all of the constitutional rights that made the US such a great and special country.

No need to go into all of the verbal mumbo jumbo that became trademark of George W. Bush and the source of laughter on late night television; it is so easy to go to YouTube and other websites to see, hear and read an entire encyclopedia of stupid remarks and statements that only an illiterate can manage to say, and the guy claims he graduated from both Yale and Harvard universities. I am sure both universities will set up higher standards for their graduates so that someone like George Bush could never disgrace the names of such reputable schools again. However, poor language skills are one thing, major policy disasters that badly and recklessly cause irreparable harm to the country and the world are another thing.

No thanks to Osama Bin Laden. Osama is perhaps the only person who contributed the most to Bush survival as president of the US; otherwise George Bush would have been laughed out of the White House. The September 11th attack that caused so much damage to the nation all but saved George Bush’s presidency.

The entire world without exception stood with the United States as it faced this new scrooge of international terrorism and George Bush with his reckless and stupid policies made sure that Americans would lose this kind of support and lose it very quickly.

The War on Iraq was not America’s war, it was the private and experimental war of the few, the Zionist Neocons of Bush and Cheney. It was not a war against Saddam over his killing of over 2 million Iraqis, Iranians and Kurds. This has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or nuclear arms, it has everything to do with the private and ideological agenda of Zionists like Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and Richard Perle among a number of prominent and leading American Jewish Zionists who concocted the war as a way to serve Israel and reshape the Middle East in their own image. The war was nothing but a disaster and once these Zionist Neocons made sure the country was a deep hole, they simply walked away, leaving George Bush and the nation holding the bag. Over $800 Billion from US taxpayers was wasted on this private ideological war, not to mention the lives of some 4,400 of our brave young men and women and over 700,000 Iraqis in addition to the more than a million wounded, both Americans and Iraqis.

With the War on Iraq, George Bush lost focus on the war on terror and his buddy Osama Bin Laden. Fighting terrorism became the new game in town where corporations and experts engaged in their own terrorism, fleecing the nation’s treasury with programs and ideas that did not add to our sense of safety and security. War on terrorism because this business is a big business. While the nation spent hundreds of billions, Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda are alive and well in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. His war policies are nothing but a total failure.

On the home front George Bush did not do any better. His handling of Katrina was nothing but a disaster. His administration was not prepared to tackle and manage the aftermath of such disaster, but his administration was prepared to allow his cronies and so many corporate crooks to again fleece the national treasury in its wake.

However the worst was yet to come. With a Republican evangelical philosophy of little or minimal government, free market and hands off the economy, the crooks on Wall Street made like bandits, pocketing billions of dollars for themselves and some money for their shareholders while implementing and carrying out the largest fleecing scheme ever in the history of the world. Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme of $50 Billion is nothing compared to what these incompetent crooks made off with while fleecing every one they could get into his/her pockets. Once they impoverish the citizens, once they ran out of schemes, they came back to rob and fleece the national treasury out of $700 Billion, with more yet to come.

George Bush is leaving the presidency with a country in financial ruin, with a country in a recession not seen for decades, with an economy that is hemorrhaging jobs like anything unseen since the twenties. George Bush is leaving the presidency and leaving the American Middle Class in total financial ruin. Not only have his buddies and cronies robbed the poor blind with their sub-prime lending, but the middle class was financially wiped out with losses in the trillions of dollars worth of retirement funds and 401Ks.

One thing is for sure, George W. Bush did succeed where Newt Gingrich failed with his “Contract on America” scheme. The Republicans finally succeeded in taking America and 90% of Americans to the poor house while lining their own pockets with hundreds of billions of government contracts. George Bush conspired with his Republican Party to down size the government only to transfer the work of government to the private sectors at triple the cost. Not so sure if Bush learned this at Harvard Business School.

Mr. Bush leaves the presidency with a country that has lost its moral and ethical compass, leaving behind a nation in ruin with little to show for at home and a big loss overseas. No administration ever engaged in the systematic destruction of our constitutional rights and liberties like that of George Bush. His administration engaged in illegal detentions, torture, invasion of privacy with its wire taps without due process or constitutional restriction, engaged in racial profiling not seen since slavery. I am sure he will not be missed by this nation or the world. He has done so much damage to America and the world he should be put on trial for all of his failings. His legacy is an economy in ruin, a middle class all but wiped out, a nation at war on two fronts and failing, the largest organized heist in the nation’s history, and of course more than a million dead. His administration was nothing but a complete failure on all fronts, domestic and international. If any one remembers a single success please do not hesitate to let me know.

Washington DC, a Jewish and Israeli Occupied Territory.

Few minutes ago, the US Senate in its first order of business decided to vote on “total and unconditional support” for the Israeli Jewish crimes and massacres committed by the Jewish Army against the innocent people of Gaza. It is not the US and its people that are the priority for the new Senate but Israel and the unconditional support for the war crimes committed by the Jewish state.

It is not so surprising to see the US Senate take such an early action expressing its unconditional support for the criminal Jewish State. US Senators can be seen herded like cattle’s, stamped with hot iron by AIPAC and told to go and cast their vote in support of the Jewish state and its war crimes. Of course who in the US Senate dare to say no to the powerful and ruthless American Jewish community and AIPAC which has the means to make mince meat out of any senator or congressman who dare not tow the Jewish line?

Washington many not be Gaza but it is a Jewish and Israeli Occupied Territory. Washington may not be occupied by Jewish soldiers carrying guns and manning tanks and flying F-16 or firing phosphorous bombs or cluster bombs, but Israel has its own army of American Jews who makes Gaza and the war crimes committed like a picnic.

This powerful army of America Jews can order members of congress to kneel down on their knees, and give homage to Israel and the Jewish agenda. This powerful army of American Jews can order members of congress to raid the treasury and fleece us tax payers of tens of billions of dollars. It takes less than few minutes to vote tens of billions of dollars for Israel, yet it takes weeks of haggling for the same congress to vote for funding and aid to our nation auto industry and the millions of American workers at risk. This power army of American Jews can raid all of the weapon stockpiles of the US military and strip our military of its essential equipment and ship it to Israel and this is exactly what the American Jew Henry Kissinger did during the 73 war when he stripped US troops in Germany and Western Europe of critical weapons and ship them to Israel. This powerful army of American Jews can silence any calls for investigating the cold blooded murder of our sailors by the Jewish Army of Israel.

This powerful army of American Jews can order and secure tax exemption status for many Jewish organizations engaged in land theft, forgery and fraud and engaged in financing Jewish settlement and the crimes committed by the Jewish Army and Jewish settler terrorists.

This is the powerful army of American Jews that can dictate and decide what US senators and congressman can vote on and not to vote on. They are the one who dictate the legislative agenda of the US and we know from the swift action of the US Senate, Israel is the priority and not the American people who are facing the worst economic crises in recent memory and who are facing the loss of their jobs and homes. When it comes to the powerful American Jewish community, America is never the priority but the priority is Israel and how much money they can fleece American tax payers to send to Israel.

It seems that “CHANGE” as promised by Barack Obama is nothing but a big fraud, a marketing and sales campaign. One thing for sure when it comes to Israel and its crimes, nothing will ever change and our government and our senators and congressmen are part of and sponsors of war crimes and genocide committed by the Jewish Army of Israel. Just like that of Nazi Germany, no one will ever get away with murder and all those who support and fund war crimes will one day face these crimes and our US Senators are no exception. I write of this because I am convinced that Judaism as we have known for some 3,000 years is dead, no longer exist and the new faith of American Jews as shown by their deadly silence and Israel is Zionism a racist criminal war mongering terrorist faith that has nothing to do with Judaism, that has no respect for human lives and have no respect for basic human values. The only thing we see and have seen from this new faith is the light coming from its fighter jets, the light coming from its deadly and accurate rockets, the light coming from its cluster and phosphorus bombs and the lights coming from its tanks as it shells schools and innocent people.

May Your Children Have the Same Fait of Gaza Children!

It seems that AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby was sleeping on the job. It took more than 10 days since Israel began its attack on Gaza committing war crime after another to order the US Congress to vote its support for Israel. The very proud and brave Jewish Army is using the latest weapons and technology the US could provide it to kill and destroy including the use internationally forbidden weapons. The US also announced today that it seeks quotes to expedite the deliver of ammunition to Israel so it can continue to kill and murder. Thank you America for your generous support and for your partnership in the murder of innocent people. Thank you, Thank you.

For over 2 years the criminal Jewish state of Israel has laid siege over Gaza closing all access to the people of Gaza from land, air and sea. It blocked all food shipment, fuel and medical supplies in partnership with Mahmoud Abbas and Housni Mubarak.

As is expected every time Israel commits war crimes the US Congress declares its support for Israel as it goes about committing murder after murder with impunity as expected from the “only democracy in Israel”. Israel goes about its murder in Gaza and the US Congress gives it money and moral support. The following Senators and Congressmen sponsored resolution giving Israel total and unequivocal support for its crimes in Gaza. Sponsors of the resolutions:

Senator Harry Reid, Senator Mark Pryor, Senator Orrin Hatch, Senator John Kerry, Senator Blanche Lincoln, Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Barbra Boxer, Senator Mel Martinez, Senator Richard Durbin, Senator Carl Levin, Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Saxby Chambliss, Senator Evan Bayh, Senator Mike Johanns, Senator Barbara Mikulski, Senator Jim DeMint, Senator Jon Kyle, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Senator Byron Dorgan, Senator Michael Crapo, Senator Robert Casey, Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Mitch McConnells Senator Robert Menedez, Senator Max Baucus, Senator John Thune, Senator Richard Lugar, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Thomas Carper, Senator Christopher Bond, Senator Frank Lautenberg, Senator Benjamin Carden.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Stan Hoyer, Congressman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Congressman Dan Burton Congressman Howard Berman, Congressman Eric Cantor, Congressman John Larson, Congressman Gary Ackerman, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Congressman John Boehner, Congressman Mike Benece and Congressman James Clyburn.

It never so surprising for the US Congress to give total and blind support to Israel. In fact while our Congress takes days to address our economic crises and votes on support for our business and workers, the same US Congress takes less than a minute to vote tens of billions of dollars to the criminal Jewish state. This should tell us something about our Congress being an occupied territory. Israel is not only attacking Gaza it is attacking our country the US and our institution. Jewish Zionism is a cancer that is killing any and all moral fibers in our country and society. Jewish Zionism is not killing and murdering innocent people in Gaza it is also killing and murdering Judaism.

To those who sponsored and voted for such a resolution I have one wish, may you, your children, your family and your loved ones face the same fait as the children of Gaza.