Saturday, May 9, 2009

American Jewish Organizations; the American Inquisition.

The power, influence, intimidations, threats, and black mail exercised and practice by a number of American Jewish organizations in the United States goes beyond McCarthyism and the witch hunt of Communists and Americans whose loyalty was suspect. It goes beyond any thing we have seen in the lawless George Bush administration and the Department of Home Land Security under Michael Chertoff. It goes beyond the Spanish Inquisition, it goes beyond any thing in Nazi Germany, goes beyond anything in Communist Russia, and it even goes beyond anything we have seen in Israel. The work of these American Jewish organizations, their approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict, their approach to Zionism, their heavy handed tactics and exercise of power in America is nothing short of an “American Inquisition”.

In old Spain, tribunals were set up starting in 1478 by Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile to ensure the orthodoxy of converts Jews Conversos and Moors Moriscos The Iberian Peninsula under the Moors had multi-ethnic society made up of Catholics, Jews and Moors “Muslims” living in harmony, often, referred to as the golden age for Jews.

The Re-conquest of Spain brought with it some very violent events, promoted by the likes Olonso de Hojed of Seville, a Dominican who convinced Queen Isabel of the presence of Crypto Judaism among Andalusian Conversos. Similar to the genocide Rwanda, members of the Catholic clergy the likes of Ferranti Montinary, the Archdeacon of Ecija played a major role in enticing the locals to take matters in their hands culminating in the Pogroms of 1391 in Seville where hundreds of Jews where killed and the city synagogue was destroyed, with the violence spreading to Cordoba, Valencia and Barcelona. Not only Marranos, Jews who converted, but Moriscos, Muslims who converted to Catholicism were also targeted with some experts putting the number of executions at 2,000 between the year 1480 and 1530.

In Nazi Germany, it was the GESTAPO, the political police force of the Reich- Geheime Staatspolizeeje and the German Schuzstaffel known as the SS, that inflicted heavy damage and lead to the prosecutions of Germans and German Jews subjecting them to severe treatment, restrictions, seizure, destructions of properties (sound familiar under the Jewish Occupation) and in the case of Jews and millions of others, leading to concentration camps. This is the political police force with a mandate to keep the people and the message pure.

In Soviet Russia, Vladimir Lenin instituted the CHEKA (All Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter Revolution and Sabotage) the predecessor of the KGP responsible for the banishing of millions of Russian to labor camps and the executions of hundreds of thousands.

In the United States were are not there yet thanks to the defeat of the Zionist NeoCons and their agenda, but if it was up to certain American Jewish organizations and leadership, Muslims and Arabs in the US will be subject to similar practices as that of Old Spain, Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.

The Comatose Jewish war criminal Ariel Sharon is quoted and bragging about the power and exercise of power of the American Jewish community “ Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio”.

This power mentioned by Ariel Sharon is exercised by and through multiple of American Jewish organizations, the likes of AIPAC, ADL, Campus Watch, CAMERA, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Middle East Forum, Middle East Research Institute, American Enterprise Institute, NGO Monitor; Promoting Critical Debate and Accountability of Human Rights NGO in the Arab- Israeli Conflict, The US Commission on International Religious Freedom, Institution for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information, the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, Islamist Watch, StandWithUs, Aish HaTorah, Jewish National Fund, Zionist Organization of America, Hillel Foundation ,Shusterman Foundation, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organization, Steve Emerson’s The Investigative Project, who made a living out of spying on mosques, Muslim and Arab groups ( of course mosques and Arab and Muslim gatherings are open to the public, synagogues and gathering of Jewish Zionists groups are not) even President Obama earned his own Jewish monitoring tax exempt organization “Obama Mideast Monitor Homepage”. Each of these American Jewish organizations having its own mission and targeted groups and organizations in the United States to serve the Israel and the Zionist agenda in the US and the world.

AIPAC being the well known and powerful plays a major and powerful role in the US Congress it is able to draft pro-Israeli legislation at will with Congress passing such legislation as delivered to Congress by AIPAC. It is most interesting that Congress passed legislation limiting debates in college campus denying colleges and universities funding when and if these school allow the “other” side of the Arab-Israeli conflict the floor. The “International Studies in Higher Education Act” called for the establishment of a seven member advisory board that would have the power to recommend cutting federal funding fro colleges and universities, which have offered a venue for academic ad public debate on the Arab-Israel conflict, meaning any debate that does not fit with Israel’s agenda.

In addition AIPAC through its agents in US Congress initiate public hearing, initiate and pass legislations securing hundreds of billions of dollars of tax payers money to fund Israel, its killing war machine, its settlements, Jewish settlers and thieves, helping and playing key role in American Jewish organizations abilities to securing tax-empted status for money raised to fund thugs, thieves and terrorists whose only job in life is to steal Arab properties, destroy Arab homes and most often murder local Arabs, with hundreds of millions of these tax exempted funds enabling Jewish settlers to commit series of fraudulent (criminal theft) purchases of Arab properties and take over Palestinian Arab properties by force.

There are equally powerful organizations perhaps playing even more sinister roles undermining American democracy, free speech and First Amendment rights than AIPAC and its control of Congress. Like AIPAC with thousands of agents and Zionists worriers on Capital Hill, Campus Watch has an army of tens of thousands of agents, spies, and informers in almost all US college campuses armed with cameras, videos and recorders targeting American, Arab-Americans, Muslim Americans teachers and professors and student organizations making sure that the there is simply one message on American campuses, and that is the Zionists and Israeli message, making sure, the class room is no place for debate, exchange of opinions, most often silencing those who dare to speak out against Israel and the Zionist agenda with denials of tenures, undermining their academic credibility and standing in their profession and often seeking the dismissals of professors and teachers. Scores of professors and teachers Jews and non –Jews were the subject of massive and relentless assault by this organization. Noam Chomsky, Tony Judt, Neve Gordon, Rachid Khaldi, Edward Said, Norman Finkelstein were among the many who had to face the wrath of this organization committed to taking no prisoners.

The leader of Campus Watch is other non than Daniel Pipes, George Bush’s choice to the board of directors of the United States Institute of Peace, a man well known for his anti-Arab and anti-Muslim views and who bills himself as “recognized expert on Islam”. I always wondered why is it that most if not all “experts” on Islam and Arabs happen to be Jews, not only Jews but Zionist Jews? It makes me wonder why there are no “other” experts qualified to speak out and appear on American television? This is the same man who sees there is nothing with the internment of the Japanese American, and who makes insulting and racial remarks of “brown” people with different smell, different food and different hygiene. Perhaps these “brown” people are entitled to know what does Daniel Pipes eats, what he smells like and what personal hygiene he keeps as a Zionist Jew? In comparison to these “Brown” people.

Speaking to the American Jewish Congress on 10/1/2001 he is quoted as saying” increased stature and affluence and enfranchisement of American Muslims… will present true dangers to American Jews”. This same man was quoted on another occasions” Western European societies are unprepared for the massive immigration of brown-skinned people cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene All immigrants brings exotic customs and attitude, but Muslim customs are troublesome than most. National Review 11/19/90.

Daniel Pipes believes that President Barack Obama does not qualify for top security clearance and would fail security clearance, because to someone like Daniel Pipes qualifying for American security clearance is not loyalty to America but loyalty to Israel. Perhaps to Daniel Pipes President Obama does not qualify for American security clearance because he is “browns” not the color of Daniel Pipes or perhaps because President Obama pledged his allegiance to the United States and not Israel when he was sworn in as president., published in the Philadelphia Bulletin October 21, 2008
As if Campus Watch is not enough, there is CAMERA, The Committee for Accuracy in the Middle East Reporting in America, dedicated to monitoring the media and journalist, making sure they see, and write their stories from a Jewish/Israeli point view. Of course this organization wants to make sure that audiences and readers always get a “sanitized” version of the truth about Israel about Zionism about Palestinian forced exiles, about the Jewish Occupation, about the tens of thousands kidnapped Palestinians in Israeli jail, about the Israeli war crimes in Gaza and in Lebanon, about property theft and confiscation of Palestinian land and properties by Jewish settlers and Jewish thugs, about the subjugation of millions of Palestinians to daily humiliations at the more than 615 Jewish security check points, about the expulsion and forced transfer of Palestinians from Jerusalem, certainly about Apartheid Wall and house demolitions not to mention the “Jewish Roads” built on stolen Arab land for use only by “ Jews”. To the army of CAMERA informers and trackers, if the reports are critical of Israel and are not from an Israeli point of view then the report is attached as inaccurate, biased and both the reporter and the report come under vicious assaults sometimes succeeding in banishing the reporter and the report. They always have a monopoly on truth and accuracy.

CAMERA list of journalist is like “whose whom” in the press; media and television, with almost all major and well known journalists are under focus and under constant monitoring. Bill Moyers, Judy Woodruff, Scott Wilson, John Yang, David Shipler, Danny Rubinstein, Fredrrika Whitfield, Ben Wedeman, Mike Wallace, Milton Viorst, Fionnuala Sweeney, Lesley Stahl, Tony Snow, Harry Smith, Bob Simon, Tom Brokaw, Christiane Amanpour, Jonathan Kuttab, Rami Khori, Jim Hogland, Christopher Hitchens, Charlie Rose, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Mohamed Omer, Walter Roger and Helen Thomas among many, many others. Not a single report, not a single article, not a single editorial, not a single statement that has to do with Israel, Zionism, Jewish Settlers, Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli government, Jewish groups and organizations ever escape close scrutiny and monitoring by an army of CAMERA monitors. If East Germany STASI secret and intelligence organizations had some 400,000 agents and informers, for sure CAMPUS WATCH and CAMERA and other American Jewish organizations have numbers that far exceed STASI. Next time you attend a class in high school, or college or read an article, or watch a television report or a documentary, attend a church or a mosque, you should know, there is an army of agents and informers watching over what you read and what you see and what your hear, what you eat. There is always an American Jewish organization that makes sure your First Amendment rights are under check, control and monitor. It is clear that these organization forget one thing, this is the United States of America, where we the citizens, Black, Brown, White, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Atheists make up this great country and thanks to a document called the US Constitution that defines and protect our rights notwithstanding the power, influence and agenda of these American Jewish organizations. There is a deliberate policy and organized actions to keep the truth about Israel and Zionism from the American public and tax payers. If it was up to these American Jewish organizations Arabs and Muslims will be disfranchised from the American political process, will be sitting behind bars or in labor camps, perhaps banished from the US. They have succeeded in censoring and sanitizing the debate and truth about Israel as a criminal state, and they have succeeded in holding American foreign policy hostage to serve their own agenda. They are the real obstacle to peace in the Middle East.