Saturday, January 10, 2009

George W. Bush’s Legacy; A Foot in the Mouth, a Shoe in the Face!

Thank God/Allah there are only a few weeks left in George W. Bush’s presidency. No president in the history of the US has done so much damage to the country, to the US Constitution and the world like George W. Bush has. For sure George W. Bush will go down in history as the worst president ever in the history of the US and for good reason. Not only has he engaged the country in his war on Iraq with lies and reckless and irresponsible management of the war, but he put his Republican cronies on Wall Street and K Street, fleecing the country and stripping the US treasury clean, allowing the Federal government to trample all of the constitutional rights that made the US such a great and special country.

No need to go into all of the verbal mumbo jumbo that became trademark of George W. Bush and the source of laughter on late night television; it is so easy to go to YouTube and other websites to see, hear and read an entire encyclopedia of stupid remarks and statements that only an illiterate can manage to say, and the guy claims he graduated from both Yale and Harvard universities. I am sure both universities will set up higher standards for their graduates so that someone like George Bush could never disgrace the names of such reputable schools again. However, poor language skills are one thing, major policy disasters that badly and recklessly cause irreparable harm to the country and the world are another thing.

No thanks to Osama Bin Laden. Osama is perhaps the only person who contributed the most to Bush survival as president of the US; otherwise George Bush would have been laughed out of the White House. The September 11th attack that caused so much damage to the nation all but saved George Bush’s presidency.

The entire world without exception stood with the United States as it faced this new scrooge of international terrorism and George Bush with his reckless and stupid policies made sure that Americans would lose this kind of support and lose it very quickly.

The War on Iraq was not America’s war, it was the private and experimental war of the few, the Zionist Neocons of Bush and Cheney. It was not a war against Saddam over his killing of over 2 million Iraqis, Iranians and Kurds. This has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or nuclear arms, it has everything to do with the private and ideological agenda of Zionists like Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and Richard Perle among a number of prominent and leading American Jewish Zionists who concocted the war as a way to serve Israel and reshape the Middle East in their own image. The war was nothing but a disaster and once these Zionist Neocons made sure the country was a deep hole, they simply walked away, leaving George Bush and the nation holding the bag. Over $800 Billion from US taxpayers was wasted on this private ideological war, not to mention the lives of some 4,400 of our brave young men and women and over 700,000 Iraqis in addition to the more than a million wounded, both Americans and Iraqis.

With the War on Iraq, George Bush lost focus on the war on terror and his buddy Osama Bin Laden. Fighting terrorism became the new game in town where corporations and experts engaged in their own terrorism, fleecing the nation’s treasury with programs and ideas that did not add to our sense of safety and security. War on terrorism because this business is a big business. While the nation spent hundreds of billions, Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda are alive and well in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. His war policies are nothing but a total failure.

On the home front George Bush did not do any better. His handling of Katrina was nothing but a disaster. His administration was not prepared to tackle and manage the aftermath of such disaster, but his administration was prepared to allow his cronies and so many corporate crooks to again fleece the national treasury in its wake.

However the worst was yet to come. With a Republican evangelical philosophy of little or minimal government, free market and hands off the economy, the crooks on Wall Street made like bandits, pocketing billions of dollars for themselves and some money for their shareholders while implementing and carrying out the largest fleecing scheme ever in the history of the world. Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme of $50 Billion is nothing compared to what these incompetent crooks made off with while fleecing every one they could get into his/her pockets. Once they impoverish the citizens, once they ran out of schemes, they came back to rob and fleece the national treasury out of $700 Billion, with more yet to come.

George Bush is leaving the presidency with a country in financial ruin, with a country in a recession not seen for decades, with an economy that is hemorrhaging jobs like anything unseen since the twenties. George Bush is leaving the presidency and leaving the American Middle Class in total financial ruin. Not only have his buddies and cronies robbed the poor blind with their sub-prime lending, but the middle class was financially wiped out with losses in the trillions of dollars worth of retirement funds and 401Ks.

One thing is for sure, George W. Bush did succeed where Newt Gingrich failed with his “Contract on America” scheme. The Republicans finally succeeded in taking America and 90% of Americans to the poor house while lining their own pockets with hundreds of billions of government contracts. George Bush conspired with his Republican Party to down size the government only to transfer the work of government to the private sectors at triple the cost. Not so sure if Bush learned this at Harvard Business School.

Mr. Bush leaves the presidency with a country that has lost its moral and ethical compass, leaving behind a nation in ruin with little to show for at home and a big loss overseas. No administration ever engaged in the systematic destruction of our constitutional rights and liberties like that of George Bush. His administration engaged in illegal detentions, torture, invasion of privacy with its wire taps without due process or constitutional restriction, engaged in racial profiling not seen since slavery. I am sure he will not be missed by this nation or the world. He has done so much damage to America and the world he should be put on trial for all of his failings. His legacy is an economy in ruin, a middle class all but wiped out, a nation at war on two fronts and failing, the largest organized heist in the nation’s history, and of course more than a million dead. His administration was nothing but a complete failure on all fronts, domestic and international. If any one remembers a single success please do not hesitate to let me know.

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