Thursday, January 22, 2009

After Sderot, Will President Barack Obama Visit Gaza?

Candidate Barack Obama visited the southern city of Sderot to express his support to the town people. Sderot marketed by the powerful Jewish media machine in the US as suffering a great deal from Hamas ballistic and nuclear missiles. I wonder if President Obama will make a similar visit and see for himself what America’s real missiles, real jets and real bombs and rockets did to Gaza and the people of Gaza. Candidate Obama on his visit to Sderot was reaching low to win few more Jewish votes would President Obama reaches high and reach the hundreds of millions around the world who condemned the war crimes committed in Gaza?More...

Candidate Obama expressed great support for the resident of Sderot and appreciated that the people could not have peaceful nights and could not enjoy quite dinners with wine and music. Now that Israel leveled Gaza destroying its entire infrastructure, killed thousands and injured several thousands and made homeless hundreds of thousands, using the latest weapons American could muster. Would President Obama visit Gaza to express his support for the hundreds of thousands of the people and visit the graves of all of the children and women deliberately killed by Israel? Witness devastation and total destruction, victims of a criminal partnership between Israel and the US. During his visit to Sderot, candidate Obama was accompanied by Israel's Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak, and Avi Dichter. Perhaps President Obama will be accompanied during his tour of Gaza by the parents of all those who lost their loved one, by the doctors who treated the tens of thousands by the UN relief workers who witness the cold blooded murder of women and children as they sought shelters.

Candidate Barack Obama went further by recording special YouTube message to the people and residents of Sderot. Candidate Obama declared during his visit “I think no country would accept missiles landing on their citizen”. Barack continued to say” I came to Sderot with commitments to Israeli security. Israel has the right to defend itself. Peace should not undermine security” I wonder what would President Obama says to the people of Gaza as he survey the total destruction of Gaza and witness the destruction of hospitals, schools, mosques, stadiums, food supplies centers, UN relief depots, deliberate targeting of children and parents as they sough shelter from one place to another? Would President Obama express the same rights for the people of Gaza, that they too have every right to be free, right to be safe, right to be secure and right to have enough food to have 3 meals a day, to have cooking oil, to have gas and heat, to have water to have access to their sea and to connect to the outside world. The people of Gaza may not need wine for their dinners; they only need to be alive to have dinner.

I wonder what kind of YouTube message would President Barack Obama send to the people of Gaza as they see the “only democracy” in the Middle East commits one war crime after another, using with generosity the free weapons supplied by the “greatest democracy in the world” such as; F-15s, F-16s, Apache and Cobra helicopters and phosphorous bombs destroying and killing every things in Gaza. I am sure he will see and appreciate the difference between the ballistic missiles of Hamas and the paper missiles of Israel.

Israel and for many years since its creations as a terrorist state has been committing war crimes and terrorism, and have used death and destruction as a way of life, part of the cultural and religious value system that does not respect the human life of others. It has a value system and culture that has nothing but contempt for the lives of others, especially the Palestinians who simply refuses to go down and let go of their rights in Palestine. Israel history of war crimes and terrorism is long and well documents; Deir Yassin, Qibya, Souk Albaqar school, Sabra and Shatilla, Qana 1 and Qana II, Jenin, Nablus, Hebron and the lists goes on and on. If war crimes qualifies for Noble Prize, Israelis will win 9 out of 10 such prizes.

Israel is unlike any other country in the world, it has no respect and no value for human lives especially the lives of others. It has no respect for international organizations; in fact it has nothing but contempt for the UN. Bombing and destroying UN compound at the very moment Pank Ki moon arrived in Israel. Israel is the only country that never respected any UN resolutions and has no respect for anyone in the world. It is a country and people unlike any thing we have seen in the last few centuries.

Someday America will wake up and discover perhaps little late that Israel is a clear and danger to America and Americans and the source of all of America’s ills and hate around the world. America and President Obama may discover and hopefully sooner than later that America’s total and unconditional support for Israel is wrong politics and that the views and the joy, dancing in the streets of New York City by American Jews and unconditional support by our Congress does not express the anger felt across America against Israel and its war crimes in Gaza. Perhaps President Obama and American should redefine its definition of terrorism making sure that Israel's state terrorism is terrorism even if its instruments not explosive belts but jets, tanks, helicopters, and cluster bombs. That terrorism include not only against Palestinians attacks against restaurants and buses but Jewish terrorism directed against schools and, hospitals and UN compounds.

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