Thursday, January 22, 2009

Disgusting; Palestinian Leadership of Hamas, Fatah and PLO.

On Aljazeera International I just finished watching and listening to President Barack Obama speech at the State Department, followed by an interview on the same station with Hamas’s representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan. Last night I also watched on the same station Kahlid Mishaal statement as a follow up to the War on Gaza. More troubling was the appearance of Yaser Abed-Rabou disparaging Hamas. All I can say I simply feel disgusted with the present Palestinians leadership both Fatah and Hamas. Of course President Obama was not ready to commit political suicide on day two addressing Israel's war crimes in Gaza.More...

Khalid Mishaal declares victory over Israel after an almost total destruction of Gaza leveling its entire infrastructure of hospitals, schools, clinics and hospitals, killings and murdering 1,400, injuring and maiming 5,000, destroying over 20,000 homes. Hamas did not win, Israel lost the war because it committed war crimes and it was exposed,

I was never in favor of, in fact I always spoken against suicide bombings directed toward Israeli citizens as a mater of moral issue and principal and always thought that Hamas committed a fatal mistake with its use of suicide bombings as a form of resistance. I was even less impressed with the useless, reckless and irresponsible rockets and missiles where over 15,000 fired resulted in few death and causing minimal damage. Mishaal never set the criteria for victory in Gaza.

It seems the Palestinians like all Arabs, including Nasser, Assad, Saddam, and Arafat all can claim victory when in fact there is nothing but defeat. Never understood the measure of victory for the Arab world let alone that of Hamas in Gaza and Arafat in Oslo. Perhaps Hamas and Arafat measure victory when the death is by the thousands and not ten of thousands, and where destruction is substantial but not total.

Perhaps we can leave Hamas success and victory in Gaza and shift our attention to the even greater success and victories of Fatah. After 40 years of “liberation” and “revolution” and after hundreds of thousand dead and tens of billions of dollars stolen or wasted, Fatah returned to the Palestinian Occupied Territories as manager for the Jewish Occupation setting world records in corruptions, incompetence, reckless disregards of public interest and citizens and total irresponsibility verging on treason. An absolute failure to liberate a square inch of occupied Palestine of 67, let alone Palestine of 48.

Arafat led the PLO and Fatah for some 40 years and the best he could deliver to all those who cheered him all these years is Oslo which legitimized the Israeli Occupation and the Jewish Settlements, recognized Israel with an ever expanding borders and a Palestinian Security forces e tens of thousands to support the Palestinian Authority in its mission to protect and provide security for the Jewish Occupation, the Jewish Army and the Jewish settlers.

Abbas continued the same road of endless negotiations with Israel with his lead negotiator Saeb Eurikat touting the “peace process” that became more of a process and much less of peace. A” Road Map” set up by non other than Jewish Zionist Elliot Abrams who made sure that the Road Map is heading to no where allowing Israel to continue with its ever expanding settlements. Abbas put his trust and faith in the Quartet that simply failed to address the Jewish Occupation as the only issue on the table and turned to Israeli security as defined by Israel as its primary focus. Security for its citizens, security for its occupying army and security for its armed thugs and settlers. Of course and since Oslo the primary focus and mission of the Palestinian Authority whether that of Arafat, Qurai or Abbas was Oslo and all the legal commitments it carried toward Israeli security and its continued occupation. There is simply nothing in Oslo about ending the Occupation.

The Palestinians Authority in over 18 years not only failed to end the Jewish Occupation, it failed to establish a free and independent Palestinians state with Jerusalem as its capital, it failed to establish efficient transparent functional institutions. The PLO returned after 40 years of fraudulent claims for liberation, could not manage traffic at Manara Square and failed to establish any ministry worthy of serving the citizens, an absolute dismal failure at all levels. Israel simply will not give up the Occupation.

The PLO led the fight to liberate and only to meet miserable failure. Fatah lead the fight to liberate Palestine only to continue and remain nothing but a corrupt, incompetent racketeering organization lead by and riddled with a cadre of thugs and crooks.

Hamas may not be that corrupt but its management of the siege of Gaza, the War on Gaza, and its aftermath convinced me and so many others that Hamas lead by similar incompetent and irresponsible leadership no different than that of Fatah. Any leadership that waives the decision of war and peace to a bunch of young, reckless and irresponsible military wing with no means to prevent death and destruction let alone provide protections to the citizens of Gaza is a leadership that should be put on trial. Hamas continue to think that “armed liberation” will bring an end to the Jewish Occupation failing to understand that well armed Arab armies did not win one single battle with Israel. Hamas must not think it can liberate Gaza with its Qassam rockets. Palestinians have every right to fight Jewish Occupation, the question is how and by what means?

Fatah has to learn that its endless negotiation and business as usual with Israel will never work and succeed, must learn that “peace process” will lead to no where and will only expand the Jewish settlements and allow Israel to continue with its Apartheid Wall and allow Israel to continue to dismember the West bank to even lesser “cantons” with an ever expanding road blocks. Fatah must give up its security and management contract with Israel. The people of Israel negotiated with G-d and won.

Hamas on the other hand has to recognize that its continued reliance on “armed resistance” based on stupid useless reckless rockets will go no where and will only expose the people of Gaza to more death and destructions. Armed resistance Hamas style is not an option and is nothing more than irresponsible and reckless.

So far and for the last 60 years the Palestinian people lacked the kind of leadership that has vision, smart, corrupt free, well qualified to lead to liberation. What we has seen so far from Arafat, Qurai , Abbas, Mishaal, Haniyah, Abed-Rabbo, Saeb Euraikat, Azzam Ahmed is an insult to all the good people of Palestine and does not bid well for the chances of liberation. What is out there is nothing but disgusting.

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