Saturday, January 10, 2009

Washington DC, a Jewish and Israeli Occupied Territory.

Few minutes ago, the US Senate in its first order of business decided to vote on “total and unconditional support” for the Israeli Jewish crimes and massacres committed by the Jewish Army against the innocent people of Gaza. It is not the US and its people that are the priority for the new Senate but Israel and the unconditional support for the war crimes committed by the Jewish state.

It is not so surprising to see the US Senate take such an early action expressing its unconditional support for the criminal Jewish State. US Senators can be seen herded like cattle’s, stamped with hot iron by AIPAC and told to go and cast their vote in support of the Jewish state and its war crimes. Of course who in the US Senate dare to say no to the powerful and ruthless American Jewish community and AIPAC which has the means to make mince meat out of any senator or congressman who dare not tow the Jewish line?

Washington many not be Gaza but it is a Jewish and Israeli Occupied Territory. Washington may not be occupied by Jewish soldiers carrying guns and manning tanks and flying F-16 or firing phosphorous bombs or cluster bombs, but Israel has its own army of American Jews who makes Gaza and the war crimes committed like a picnic.

This powerful army of America Jews can order members of congress to kneel down on their knees, and give homage to Israel and the Jewish agenda. This powerful army of American Jews can order members of congress to raid the treasury and fleece us tax payers of tens of billions of dollars. It takes less than few minutes to vote tens of billions of dollars for Israel, yet it takes weeks of haggling for the same congress to vote for funding and aid to our nation auto industry and the millions of American workers at risk. This power army of American Jews can raid all of the weapon stockpiles of the US military and strip our military of its essential equipment and ship it to Israel and this is exactly what the American Jew Henry Kissinger did during the 73 war when he stripped US troops in Germany and Western Europe of critical weapons and ship them to Israel. This powerful army of American Jews can silence any calls for investigating the cold blooded murder of our sailors by the Jewish Army of Israel.

This powerful army of American Jews can order and secure tax exemption status for many Jewish organizations engaged in land theft, forgery and fraud and engaged in financing Jewish settlement and the crimes committed by the Jewish Army and Jewish settler terrorists.

This is the powerful army of American Jews that can dictate and decide what US senators and congressman can vote on and not to vote on. They are the one who dictate the legislative agenda of the US and we know from the swift action of the US Senate, Israel is the priority and not the American people who are facing the worst economic crises in recent memory and who are facing the loss of their jobs and homes. When it comes to the powerful American Jewish community, America is never the priority but the priority is Israel and how much money they can fleece American tax payers to send to Israel.

It seems that “CHANGE” as promised by Barack Obama is nothing but a big fraud, a marketing and sales campaign. One thing for sure when it comes to Israel and its crimes, nothing will ever change and our government and our senators and congressmen are part of and sponsors of war crimes and genocide committed by the Jewish Army of Israel. Just like that of Nazi Germany, no one will ever get away with murder and all those who support and fund war crimes will one day face these crimes and our US Senators are no exception. I write of this because I am convinced that Judaism as we have known for some 3,000 years is dead, no longer exist and the new faith of American Jews as shown by their deadly silence and Israel is Zionism a racist criminal war mongering terrorist faith that has nothing to do with Judaism, that has no respect for human lives and have no respect for basic human values. The only thing we see and have seen from this new faith is the light coming from its fighter jets, the light coming from its deadly and accurate rockets, the light coming from its cluster and phosphorus bombs and the lights coming from its tanks as it shells schools and innocent people.

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