Tuesday, June 26, 2007

George Allen " Maccaca" is part of his Republican Values

No one can tell me and convince me that Senator George Allen use of the word “Maccaca” was a slip of the tongue and is not a racially motivated feeling when he used this word to describe”native” citizens who happened to be of an Indian origin. The fact that George Allen used this word, which is often used, by French and North African Jews to describe dark skinned person should give us an idea as to his background and thinking. Being of Jewish origin, should be an honor not something to hid and be ashamed of. History is full of great Jews who made even greater contribution to humanity and to civilization, George Allen does not fit in this category, and this is perhaps why he was hiding his “Jewish origin” and try to sell himself as a great Republican conservative, even evangelical. How did George Allen came about to know and use this word if it was not part of the daily conversation at home and when describing people of color. Perhaps George Allen forgot that he too is a person of color given the fact that Sephardim Jews are not blue eyed and blond, but people of color. Senator Allen if you are ashamed of your religion, you should not be ashamed that you are a person of color like all of the Maccacas you see all over the State of Virginia.
Racism is alive and well and is part of George Allen Republican Values.

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