Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What kind of Judea-Christian values they are talking about?

14 october 2006

These days and ever since the criminal attacks by modern day Islamic terrorist on the World Trade Center resulting in the cold murder of over 3,000 innocent lives, many in the US and Israel especially the alliance of Conservative Evangelicals and Zionist Neocons, have been trying their best to define Muslim and Islamic values as promoters of mass murder and killing and Islam as nothing but a religion of terrorism. Even the Pope has joined this alliance. And sad to say they have succeeded in creating nations of fear here in the US and around the world.
No one can deny, that Islam in its early days was spread by swords and by “holly worriers” but then all great empires of that time and prior, have engaged in wars for one reason or another using armies of tens of thousands of soldiers. Many of the great empires such as the Persian, Byzantine, and Roman Empires not to mentions Athens, Sparta and Carthage all engaged in wars and occupations. Why Islam is the only one that is targeted these days accused of violating human values. At least Muslim worriers NEVER committed the kind of war crimes committed by soldier of the Holy Roman Empire and the Great Crusade committed in the name of God and Jesus Christ and committed to save the Holy Land from the Muslim Infidels.
It seems that many of modern day Christian Evangelicals and Zionist Neocons forgot all about the hundreds of millions of people killed and murdered by armies of colonizers and occupiers armed with modern Judea-Christian values.
One only need to remember the Spanish Inquisitions against Muslim and Jews, the conquest of Latin America by the Conquistadors who killed tens of millions of native Latin Americans. They refuse to remember let alone admit the killings and murder of tens of millions of Africans by colonizing powers of Christian Europe and the killings of tens of millions of American Natives and forget about the killings and murder of tens of millions of African slaves killed by the longest running crimes of its kind in the world. These criminals where not Muslim Jihadists, but where committed by nations with Christian values. Of course since we always hear of Judea-Christian values, we also need to remember the Israeli Occupation and exiles of millions of Palestinian Arabs in the name of Judeo- Zionist values. The list of crimes continue with the murder of millions of Jews in Europe in the Second World War, the killing and murder of millions during the same war and the previous war, the killing of hundreds of thousands by allied planes in Germany and in Japan and the killing of millions in Central and Latin America. Of course no one talks of these crimes as crimes with its source in Judea-Christian values. Yes there are many Muslim criminals who committed terrorist crimes around the world, but then there are millions of Judea-Christian soldiers who committed murder in the hundred of millions. Those with glass houses should not throw stones. It is time for Muslims, Jews and Christians must admit they all committed crimes at one time or another.

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