Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Couple of hundred thousand dollars will buy the most powerful congressmen in town!

Original Post: 16 Oct 2005

One has to be a genius to understand the process of political and financial corruption of Republican operatives in the nation capital. The story of Tom Delay and the way he managed and transfer the money back and forth is a challenge to us poor souls.
The Washington Post lead article on “How a Lobbyist Stacked the Deck” in today’s Washington Post is a must read for any one who want to understand how this nation capital work and how Republicans trade and use money to pass or kill legislations. It has nothing to with ideology or patriotism, or nationalism; it is all about money and how the money is used to advance the Republican Agenda.
One need to read the article and see and understand the graphics and charts to understand how money is used and how lobbyist and legislative assistants and congressmen uses the money to make a difference where American get screwed by the very few or American is the winner. For the most part, those guys who claim to be the most patriotic and “Christians” are out to screw America and screw every little guy in this country.
In Washington as the article shows, there are no red lines drawn between legislative aids and their bosses in Congress and the many lobbyist shops in Washington DC.
Jack Abramoff, that most famous Republican lobbyist who is under indictment is the main character in the scenario of money, politics, business and sleaze and how money and politics play a big role in the halls of Congress and how the money the money is channeled from the source and goes through many sources to companies and Jewish foundations to hide the they lobbyist work and how wives and family members get hired by these organizing as an indirect payments to congressional staffers.
$750,000 is used to defeat certain legislation in Congress, legislation that would have brought in millions of dollars to the national treasury. Then we always reminded by there patriotic American about the love of country. Who are these crooks and cheaters to teach us about patriotism and commitment to our nation? Certainly they are not the example top follow. It seems that few hundred thousands dollars channeled to Tom Delay and his staffers and his organizations will make all of the difference in Congress.
On another story concerning the election of governor in Virginia. It is interesting with over 500,000 persons living in absolute poverty, the Republican Jerry Kilgore have nothing to say about all of these poor souls who are on the verge of personal disaster, and who are at risk of losing every thing, and he has the audacity to talk and make a priority capital punishment. One would think that a person running for such a leadership position in the state of Virginia will make it a priority to help these poor souls and find ways to help with at a time when the economy is leaving them behind, forgotten by the Republican candidates and the only thing on his mind is the score of people on death row. Why in the hell make inmate on death row an issue when there are over 500,000 innocent and free citizen who are put on death row by a candidate who refuse to address their needs and who refuse to come forward with programs to help these poor souls. But then not much one expect from a Republican Party that nominates a convicted felon to be its candidate for the US Senate. If one is talk about sleaze they should talk about Republican leaders who are on their way to jail.

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