Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mr.President, Islamic radicalism will be defeated by Islamic democracies, not by your neocons, Part III

Original Post: 28 Oct 2005

35 years while he killed and robbed the country. Well, Mr. President, I do not call this support of Muslims. Disaster relief yes, political relief no.
I don’t think any one in the Arab and Muslim world deny the sense of decency, integrity and generosity of the American people. In my mind, the American people are much more honorable, decent and honest than I can say about our government, and about our Congress and all administrations. Please keep in mind, that racial discrimination was alive and well in the US until recently, and only when Blacks where willing to put their lives on the line did our government and administration moved to do something about it.
Well, I am sure by now, you would think that I am unfair to you and to our country. Well that is not true because I do agree with you that Islamic radicalism is the scrooge of the 21st century, but I do disagree with the causes and the way to fight terrorism.
These criminal elements, the remnant of your “ Mujahideen” once the Soviet where defeated came back and took on the fight and started committing heinous acts of terrorism in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Turkey among others and now in Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Some of these criminals found heaven in Europe and the US.
In my mind, Mr. President, if these criminal misfits who “declared war on humanity” (my words as stated in the Washington Post) where the pioneering Muslims of times past, Islam would not have spread beyond Mecca and we would never see the likes of Al-Hamra, Taj Mahal, cities like Samarkand, Asfahan, Cairo, Damascus, Fez, Seville or Granada. These people Mr. President, know nothing about life. They only know about killing and what they are doing in Iraq; killing innocent people is a proof of that.
People who believe that the shortest way to heaven is to kill and commit suicide are not only crazy; they are real sick people with deformed minds and hearts and could never, ever create and establish an “Islamic” State. If I know Allah they will never see heaven.
How could such illiterate criminal ever get to heaven I would never know? Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda and the Talibans and Azzarqawi and Al-Dhawaheri could never capture the hearts and mind of people in the Arab and Muslim world. People who kill to go to heaven could never lead Islam to a “Renaissance” which is badly needed. Criminal and religious illiterate, who know nothing of the world, have hijacked Islam for a long time. Mr. President, these creeps and terrorist could never rise to level of Muslim scholars of old times, when knowledge and learning earned people respect and a place in history. These are the people who make Islam spread and widely accepted in the world.
What Islam needs more than ever is a “renewal” similar to the renaissance that took place in Europe and helped propel Europe out of the Dark Ages? We need that kind of Islam now more than ever, not only for the US but also for the billions of Muslims around the world.
The hope for Islam is right here in the US, with so many intelligent and intellectuals scholars and I am sure if these people are free to debate and with the right forum can make a big difference for the entire Muslim world. We, within the Muslim community need a reform movement that will also propel Islam into the modern time and the 21st century. However, Mr. President, you need to end the Israeli occupation and stop giving excuses for an occupation that made Muslims around the world see the hypocrisy of our democracy. How could you promote democracy in the Middle East while supporting the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and the ethnic cleansing taking place in Jerusalem and other cities? We do love America, but America is on the wrong side of Muslims
Islamic radicalism will be defeated by Muslims democracies, not by your Neocons.

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