Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What American values Republicans are talking about?

Republicans have been winning votes and elections since Reagan days using the so called "America's value" as slogan while hiding their real agenda of turning the great democracy that is the US into a "one party state" similar to the old Soviet empire. The Republicans together with their conservative evangelical Christians and Zionist allies have been working this game of hijacking America's democracy for the last 50 years, and sad to say they are succeeding. Whenever I hear a Republican talks of "values" I wonder what the in the hell are they talking about, when every thing they believe in and do has nothing to do with America's values. Perhaps one need to remind these Republicans that America's valued are those ensuring in our constitution and not in the selective Bible quotes from the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Faldwell, and the like of Dick Cheney and George Bush. Freedom of expression, associations, the rule of law, equal rights and equal protections under the law and freedom of privacy against intrusions of governments are the real American values. Not the lies we see that is endemic among Republicans and not the cover-up and denial for a war that was wrong to begin with and certainly not coverup for sexual perverts the like of former congressman Foley. America's value are not opening the US treasury to crooks to rob and steal and cheat the tax payers in the name of war on terror and in the name of security. America's value are those when the president of the US speaks frankly and openly about making mistakes that cost so far over several thousand US deaths and tens of thousand of injuries and over 600,000 dead Iraqis. America's values is for the US president not lie about weapons of mass destructions and ask his cabinet and key officers to lie to the international community. If going to war against Saddam is to make up for his father"s mistakes of leaving Saddam in power after the first gulf war, I think Americans can be very understanding, but to lie and continue to lie, that is not an American value Mr. President. Bush war on terror is going no where and the war in Iraq is a total failure. Bush should admit the truth and then can tell us about his American values. Speaking of values there are a lot to say on this subject which will be the next topic. It seems that Democrats have abandoned the US two party system and allowed Republicans to dominate the debate over the issue of "values" when America faces a whole lots of issues that could be solved and taken care without the use and input of the Republican's value system.

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