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Kissinger purged Arabist from State Department, and US is paying the price

16 Oct 2005

Jennifer Bremer, a former State Department employee who was stationed in the Arab world and who studied Arab writes in the “Outlook” section in today’s Washington Post, writes about the lack of Arab speaking diplomats in the State Department and writes of the lack of interest from Arab American in joining the State Department. Of course there was something missing from the article, the way?
Back in the early and late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s there were many American diplomats who where called “Arabist” in the State Department. One has to ask the question what happened to all those “Arabist”.
When Henry Kissinger, the former National Security Council and the former Secretary of State during the Nixon years and a possible defendant in the International Court of Justice for War Crimes, when Kissinger took over the State Department he did what the United States did during the McCarthy era, he purged the State Department of all of its Arabist. Of course in the mind of Henry Kissinger, these diplomats by the very fact of their knowledge of Arabic they are influenced by the language and are sympathetic to the Arab cause and the Arab-Israel conflict and as such he made sure that there are non who may toe this line and he made sure to bring in new, young and committed diplomats from the Zionist work shops and organizations in Washington DC.
That is why for the last 30 some odd years, we did not see one single “Arabist” emerging as the lead in any of the Arab-Israeli negotiations, and all those who came to lead the US diplomacy in the Middle East came from the Israeli shop, AIPAC, the likes of Dennis Ross and Marin Indyke.
Of course one has to ask the question, why it that our State Department with the critical and many issues and conflicts facing the United States with the Arab and Muslim world did not have one single major player who is an Arabist and not one single Arabic speaking natives in any of our lead negotiating teams in the Middle East.
It is hard to believe that of the thousands of specialists around the United Stares in all major universities, leading diplomats are selected only from AIPAC and whenever there is a specialist on Islam, the specialist is not even a Muslim, again they come from, the Israeli workshop in Washington.
There are thousands of well-qualified Arab and Muslim candidates who are willing and able to serve this country and make a difference. However to do that, there is a need by the State Department to make it clear to these candidates that it is their loyalty to the US that is the determining factor in the selection process, not their loyalty or disloyalty to Israel. When the US policy becomes independent of Israel, I am sure there are thousands who are willing to join and serve. Kissinger for his own personal and his commitment to Zionism did such much damage to the interest of the United States and September 11th is only one example of the crimes he committed against the US interest home and abroad.

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