Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The murder game finally caught up with Syria

22 Oct 2005

All Arab criminal regimes always hid behind Arab nationalism. Saddam killed millions and was an agent of the CIA (a must see PPS documentary- Front Line) while serving the interest of the US and the UK and his war on Iran was nothing but a proxy war on behalf of the West. Of course not to mention that lunatic in Tripoli.
Hafiz Assad, the long time champion of Arab nationalism was also a big time criminal who managed to kill tens of thousands and who appointed a war criminal who killed thousands of Palestinians as a minister in Lebanon. The Phalangist under the watchful eye of the Syrian murdered over 4,900 Palestinians in Tal-Zaater.
The Ba’athist regime in Syria is not different from its brothers under Saddam, committing murder and getting away with it. So-called Palestinians nationalist in Syria are bought and sold by the Syrians and do Syria’s bidding, and Ahmed Jebril and Abu-Musa are agents of Syria, in the same way Saddam used Palestinians to commit crimes against the Kuwaitis. The murder of Rafiq Hariri finally caught up with the thugs running Damascus. These same thugs that can arrange the murder of thousands could not protect couple of Palestinians who where murdered in Damascus by the Israeli Mossad. A country that is run by stupid intelligence and security organizations will always fail.
For a long time, Syria has been committing murder and getting away with it. Syria killed Kamal Jumblat and got away with it, killed Ahmed Laouzi and got away with it. Conspired with the Phalanges of Lebanon in the massacres of thousands of Palestinians and got away with it. It was a party in the killing of many Lebanese nationalist, like the late George Hawi and Samir Qassir, and for sure organized and supervised the killing and murder of Rafiq Hariri.
However, Syria should not be the only that is blamed for the big mess in Lebanon. The Lebanese and especially the Lebanese politicians are also to blame for playing Syria’s game in Lebanon. There were the “kiss ass” big times. All Lebanese politicians at one time or the other took their cues and instructions from “Anjar” the border town, which was the seat of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon. The late Ghazi Kana’an ran Syria as it was a grocery store, and Syria ran Lebanon not for the sake of its security, but for the sake of all of the money, corruption and bootlegging could bring to Syria. It was the dollars and the Euros that Syria and its Baathis where after. Syrian could not and was unable to protect is own soldiers from frequent raids by Israel, how could it protect the Lebanese from Israel?
Perhaps the worst things after the Ba’athist in the Arab world are the Lebanese politicians. A very unique breed of sophisticated corrupt politicians unlike anywhere else. Who in their right mind would expect that the Lebanese as sophisticated as they are, (you know the high class there, converse only in French,) how could these politicians ever accept and promote sectarian politics, where citizenship and rights arising from it are based on “religious confession” of whether a Lebanese is a Muslim, Druze, Shiite, or Christians, and even Christians are not all equal? It is a country that after couple of hundred thousands dead, gave leadership of the country to warlords and war criminals. It is the only country in the Arab world, where the throats of innocent people were slashed based on the pronunciations of “tomato”. The Palestinians pronounced at “Bandoura” and the blue-blooded Lebanese pronounce it “Banadoura”. The letter A made the difference in life and death in Lebanon during the civil war. Yet with all of this Lebanon remains a country of sectarian warlords. I hope the Syrian people will put the Baathist out of business and not wait for the Americans to come in and take Bashar and his thugs out.

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