Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mr.President, Islamic readicalism will be defeated by Islamic democracies not by your neocons! Part I

Original Post: 28 Oct 2005

Dear President Bush
I heard the speech you gave today in Norfolk, Virginia and your declaration that Islamic radicalism is the scrooge of the 21st century. Well Mr. President, here is my opinion.
With all due respect to the office you hold, your speech and statements are half-truth, and you only selected what suites you best and what suites your justification for the war on Iraq. The war on Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.
Mr. President, the problem and danger of Muslim radicalism are much older than you. While I agree with its danger I do not agree with its history of causes. It is too bad you failed to mention how this scrooge that threatens America and the world came about and what role did the US play I all of this? How did this cancer started and what was the contributing role the US and the West have in this great danger that engulf us all.
I know that you are only partial and selective in your history, a history made up and written by those who have ideological hostility and political fight with Islam and Muslims, way before there was Islamic terrorism. Listen to your evangelical friends.
For one thing Mr. Bush, the US and the great West always supported Islamic radicalism whenever it suited the US and its allies in the Middle East. The US supported Islamic radicalism, Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb Al-Taheer and other Islamic organizations to fight and to chip away at Arab Nationalism and Nasser. The US and the West saw Arab Nationalism as a great danger to its interests in the Middle East and as the greatest danger to Israel. The US support for Islamic organizations is legendary in the Middle East.
The US and beyond it the West have always fought national liberation movements and have always supported some of the ruthless dictatorships in the Middle East such as the support given to the Shah of Iran as he went ahead instituting one of the most ruthless country, run and managed by Savak; the Iranian secret police with substantial and material assistance from the CIA and Israel’s Mossad.
The US also played a material role in undermining Nasser nationalism, even when the US knew that Nasser’s management team was doomed to fail.
The US and the West also sat silent and did not do a damn thing about the Israeli occupation of Palestine and not only did the US failed to challenge one of the most oppressive occupation, in fact it supported the occupation with hundred of billions of dollars and with material and political support by Washington and at the UN. The US always made sure that Israel can do whatever it wants, even when in violation of international law and gets away with it. The US is a partner in the crime. The US also supported secular regimes like the Shah and Saddam when the US knew these regimes were killing and murdering hundreds of thousands of their citizens, and the list goes on and on. Just ask the CIA and you will be able to get lots of information.
If you want to talk about Islamic radicalism and who nurtured it and who sponsor it, then Mr. Bush you need to go the files of the Reagan Administration and see how the US in order to defeat Communism, recruited and organized Islamic misfits from all of the Arab and Muslim world, sent them to Afghanistan and with the help of another dictatorship, Pakistan, made Jihad a very vogue name. Well, Mr. Bush the CIA inverted the word Mujahideen and made and invented an “Islamic’ fighting force out of Afghanistan’s tribes. The US with the support of Pakistan, recruited “Muslim Clergy” to be the political officers of these “Mujahideen” the like of Sheik Azzam, Sheik Abdul-Rahman among others. These men became the ideology leaders of illiterate tribes in Afghanistan. The

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