Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saddam. Americas wonder kid finally on trial

18 Oct 2005

Before Saddam assumed real power within the Iraqi Baathist party in November of 69, the wonder boy of Iraq used to meet almost every week with the CIA station chief at the US Embassy in Cairo. Saddam was not a stranger to the US, since he was adopted by the US at an early stage of his career. PBS’s “Front Line” had a two-hour documentary on the very warm and loving relationship the US had with Saddam.
The US continued to play a major role in mentoring Saddam and have insisted a number of Arab countries to give him this thug, this criminal legitimacy and power and money.
When Saddam started his proxy war with Iran for an on behalf of some Arab countries and the US, Iraq had over $50 BILLION sitting in international banks and Iraq unlike many of the Gulf countries had a very well educated citizens and a very bountiful agriculture and it has all the things the other Gulf counties did not have.
The US anxious to teach Khomeni, (another evil and war criminal) a lesson for humiliating the Shah and humiliating the US, the Reagan Administration was ready to go into action. It recruited a number of Arab countries to give financial support to Saddam and give him “Arab legitimacy” for his war against Iran. Of course some Arab countries, especially the Gulf States had good reason to fear Khomeni and his new and fire brand Islamic Revolution of Iran. Khomeni is as guilty as Saddam in the Iran –Iraq war and he is as guilty as Saddam for the killing and murder of millions of young and innocent lives and for wasting both countries wealth and its manpower, and for what?
Saddam went to war claiming he is reliving the glorious Arab past and claiming he is the guardian of the Arabs against the barbarian Persians. I know many Arab people went along with Saddam and where cheering him on, even when they knew the man was nothing but a total fraud and criminal.
Saddam went to war and the US was an active party to the war supplying Saddam with critical line of credit and of course satellite photos of the battlefield.
Oh, yah, the present secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld was the emissary to Saddam visiting him twice and offering military, political and financial support at a time when Saddam was using chemical weapons against the Iranian in the battle field and against the Kurds in northern Iraq.
Poor souls tens and hundreds of thousands died, without one single voice of dissent, not in the Arab world, not hear in Washington and not any where in any of the Western capitals. After all Saddam was Washington boy. He can get away with murder and he did.
Well now many years later this hero to many crawled out of his rat hall, like a beggar asking for mercy from the American soldiers who pulled him of his rat hole.
Sometimes, not really, all of the times I blame the Iraqi people for not going out in the millions defying Saddam and bring him down, just like the Iranians when they forced the Shah of Iran to leave in disgrace. Saddam killed millions of them and they could not go out and topple him down. What a pity, because they are now paying the very heavy price, perhaps much more than the one they would have to pay to bring Saddam down.
It makes me wonder about the people in the Arab world. They have no courage and no imagination to defy the odd and go out and topple all of these useless governments and criminal dictatorships. I guess, they are always used to have someone else do the fighting for them and they end up paying a very heavy price in all cases.
Well, Saddam on trial tomorrow and it must be a site to see. I hope his trial does not turn out to be a joke like the “Almahdawi court” the famous criminal courts of the Iraqi revolutions after 58. As a young boy I used to listen to these horrific courts.

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