Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Conservatives are out to eat George W. Bush alive

Original Post: 15 Oct 2005

Will Lester of the Associated Press write in an October 15 dateline, that domestic issues over take terrorism as the major concerns of American?
That is not so surprising given the big domestic mess we have in this country, especially after Katrina. But leave to Washington, soon some one will release a letter that will cause panic, of course only to turn out to be hoax, just like the shutting down the subway system in NY last week, based on a tip from a Pakistani informer in Iraq. Common people, how can you be so stupid. No doubt we only look for tips and intelligence form some odd sources, the same sources that told us Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, and it took non other than Colin Powel to travel all the way to the UN and make such an announcement. Of course we all know now that there was nothing of the sort, but that weapons of mass destructions are nothing but a fiction in the imagination of few people in Washington who were preparing for the war for a long time and were able to get non other that a convicted felon, and a bank robber to make such declaration that promoted the White House with some push from Tel-Aviv for us to go to war.
I would say dare say the entire Arab world was tired of Saddam, and in years of power in Iraq, Saddam was nothing but disaster for Iraq, for the Arab world, for the Muslim world. Saddam for over 25 years was actively supported by Republican administrations.
The man who killed over 2 million people and who used gas to kill and murder thousand of Kurds was the darling of Washington for many years, the same way the Shah of Iran was the dazzling boy of Washington. Of course with so much money put in Washington DC, a city known to accommodate money and power, criminals and dictators with money can always find a listening ear in Washington. This city and its politics have no sense of any moral values. The only value it accepts and recognizes is money and power. One can be the most vicious politician and as long as there is money and power, they get what they want
As things go in Washington, one day it is terrorism, one day it is Iraq and one now it is every day where conservative are out to eat George Bush alive for not naming one there “own” to the Supreme Court. With people like Tom Delay, Pat Robertson and Jerry Kilgore the US has some very serious problems on its hands, and our illustrious conservatives could not find issues of education, transportation, energy, health care, affordable housing of interest to their agenda, since these issues are affecting millions of people, now their agenda is abortion, and death penalty as if we don’t have other problems to worry about.
Conservatives have shown they do have a contract on American and they will not rest until they turn America to a nation of their image, save the aborting babies and then kill them later in the death raw. So much for the conservative agenda. By the way Jerry Kilgore, your ad on death penalty is not only disgusting but it shows that you are too pitiful to become the next governor of Virginia. As a lawyer, you know that lawyers are always asked to defend indigent criminal and as a lawyer defending a criminal does not mean one agrees or condone what they have done. And for you to use a Jewish father who lost his son and use this Jewish man to invoke Hitler in the campaign does not speak well for you. Tim Kaine could have done better by simply replying that the death penalty is the law of Virginia and as governor he will carry out the laws of the state and should have moved on, to next issue. Politics in American is down right ugly and nasty and does not speak well of us as a nation.

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