Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What Judith Miller in the New York Times is unfit to print in any paper!

22 OCt 2005

I am one of those people who defended Judith Miller, the New York Times journalist who went to jail rather to protect her source of the news.
Of course I have to admit, I was never a fan of Judith Miller, who I think is little pompous and too cocky for her own good and who of course wrote all of those great articles on weapons of mass destruction that formed the basis and gave this administration the justifications it needed to go to war on Iraq.
Judith Miller was no different from the team of bandits that was promoting the war on Iraq. That team consisted of Richard Perl, Douglas Faith, and Paul Wolfowitz and of course, Scooter Lippy. All of these people for reasons that have nothing to do with the US interest decided to orchestrate and organize the war on Iraq.
Of course Judith Miller, besides being the darling and the spoiled girl of the New York Times was also impeded with the Department of Defense, the CIA and the White House. She had an excellent inside track on what is going in the minds and hearts of all those who were preparing and organizing for the war. Judith Miller used all of these people for her headline catching stories, they used her to promote their war and she was a very willing participant, if not a promoter of this war using the front page of the NYT.
Of course we all know now there was no such things as weapons of mass destructions and we all know that when Bibi appeared on CNN with gas masks, we all knew there was nothing, when the media made headlines of Israel preparedness for Saddam’s weapons of mass destructions, we all knew there was nothing, The only ones who knew there were weapons of mass destructions are the people who are part of the security and intelligence community, who lacked intelligence and have no sense of security and who had access to all of the satellite photos and who had access to that big time crook Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi crooks who was on the payroll of the United States receiving some $300,000 a month for promoting the idea of weapons of mass destructions, and who was the key source of all of America’s intelligence.
Of course by all means taking Saddam was right, but to use all of the lies and to have these lies headlined in the New York Times is not only wrong, it is down right stupid.
I only wonder why did the editors of the New York Times did not put Judith Miller under scrutiny for her reporting, knowing where she stood on the Arab-Israel conflict and where she stood on the Iraq-Israeli conflict. One would think that editors of such an outstanding paper would always raise questions of what if and what if not?
The story of weapons of mass destructions was impeded in the mind of Judith Miller as she went out to write the story and make a good case for it, when there was nothing there.
Judith Miller should, as a professional journalist, should always doubt her sources and should always take that extra step in collaborating the story. I would think that someone who claims to be investigative journalist would go and take that extra step to make sure the story is right. Judith Miller was blinded with her vision of a new Middle East, where others will die based on her stories. Of course now she is all over the headlines. If Bush and the White House lied and others die, then Judith Miller and the New York Times lied and others died. The best thing that the New York Times can do at this time to rebuild its shattered image and integrity is to fire Judith Miller. The New York Times editors and publishers should work very hard to regain the confidence of the American people. What Judith Miller wrote about weapons of mass destructions violates the long-standing credo of “All that is fit to print”. What Judith Miller wrote is “unfit to print” in any paper.

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