Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mr.President, Islamic radicalism will be defeated by Islamic democracies, not by your neocons, part II

Original Post: 28 Oct 2005

US used the same tactics of appointing “political officers” similar to that of the Soviet and the Nazi Army. Well, Mr. Bush, your Mujahideen are coming back to haunt all of us.
There misfits Mr. President where given all the supports denied to other legitimate groups fighting for independence and freedom, such as in Iran, Iraq and Occupied Palestine. Afghanistan was important and was crucial to the US interest, only because the Soviets where there. You did not support Muslims; you got somebody to fight the Russian.
Yes, Mr. President, the US packed its bags and left Afghanistan once the Soviet were defeated, leaving tens of thousands of these “Islamic” misfit in charge of the country, converting Kabul Stadium into a torturer field where heads, arms, legs where chopped while thousands cheered. Schools, nurseries, hospitals all where closed by the remnants of the Mujahideen. These illiterate stupid allies know nothing about Islam or democracy.
I am sure Mr. President, you know who recruited Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Dhawaheri. It was the US as the sponsor of Mujahideen that recruited Osama Bin Laden arranging that he takes with him some $20 million to establish his presence among starving Mujahideen. Well, these US recruits came back to haunt the US having been convinced that they can defeat Communists and of course if they could defeat Communists, they can defeat democracy and the US. Mr. President, the US made these Mujahideen invincible and gave them weapons like the “Stinger Missiles” denied to your best ally in the Middle East, which Saudi Arabia. The US did not care about Saudi Arabia and its security when denying the Stinger Missiles; it was only concerned with the safety of Israel, afraid that in the event of an attack by Israel, the Saudis will be able to defend themselves against the Middle East most powerful air force.
So please Mr. President, don’t tell us about US fight for freedom and democracy and about how the US cared for Arabs and Muslims. US supported dictatorial regimes all over the world. The US contrary to what you claim never supported freedom and liberty, not in Africa, not in Latin and Central America, not the Far East, certainly not the Arab Middle East. Yes in Europe only against Russia. In fact the US always supported killer regimes. The US never supported the people quest for freedom and democracy.
In your speech, you claimed that the US has supported Muslims throughout the world and were great contributor to disaster relief. Well, on that, my answer is yes and no.
In Bosnia, the US and the European West sat in silent, without ever raising a finger as the criminal Serbs went about the ethnic cleansing of “ Muslims’ in Bosnia. Mr. President over 250,000 Muslims were butchered in Bosnia in full view of the UN, the US and EC and NATO and off course the Organizations of Islamic States that sat on its hands, useless and unable to do any thing. Even when the US and the West authorized the UN to go in Bosnian over 10,000 Muslims died as the Dutch contingency in Bosnia watched without making any efforts to stop the killing. The US and the European all watched in silence as the “Christian” Serbs slaughtered the “Muslims” of Bosnia.
Thanks to the strong intervention of a woman, a Jewish woman at that, Secretary Albright who lobbied the White House and finally convinced President Clinton that the killing of Muslims must stopped. After what? After 250,000 innocent ethnic European Bosnians “ Muslims” got killed in Western Europe. How could you explain that!
Perhaps the only thing that I can agree with you on is the role the US and its humanitarian support and assistance given after natural disasters in Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran. Well Mr., President, please keep in mind the US supported dictator Suharto for over

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