Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We, as citizens can teach few Republicans what Us "Patriotism" is all about

Original Post: 19 Nov 2005

What is the hell is going within the US Congress? Republican turned what should be a debate on the war in Iraq to a debate on patriotism and who is a coward? What a shame. But then Republicans these days have no sense of shame or patriotism.
It is very unlikely that finally the US Congress wakes up to its responsibility for the nation and decided to debate the War in Iraq couple of years later, couple of thousand dead soldiers later, and couple of hundred billion later? No, I do not believe it. What is going on in Congress has nothing to do with the war in Iraq but has every thing to do with the Republicans siege of the nation and the Republican definition of patriotism and loyalty to the country. It is war of intimidation and war against America.
Every debate that has to do with national security, or national interest or national priorities, or national rights and freedoms, or economic priorities always changed and manipulated by the Republican leaderships in the White House and Congress to debate on patriotism and loyalty to the country. I will not be surprised if the debate on abortion will also become a debate defined in terms of patriotism and treason.
The action of Representative Jean Schmidt is insult to all American and should be an insult to all Republicans as well. The personal attach on Congressman John P. Murtha is for sure meant to intimidate the nation and attempt by “Republican Chicken Hawks” to define what is America all about and who is a patriotic American and who is not.
One only need to see of those who where the “godfathers” of the war in Iraq how many of these in fact enlisted and joined the US military? Non-is the answer. Vice President Dick Chaney claimed had has some other “important” things to do that join the US military. Richard Perl, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, perhaps fined it more compelling to join the IDF and lobby on behalf of Jonathan Pollard than join the US military.
One thing Representative Jean Schmidt and the entire Republican leadership have to understand and be reminded of is that a debate on war and peace, a debate that will send our men and women in harms way, have nothing to do with the crap that is “Republican Patriotism”. We must never allow these “Republican Chicken Hawk” define for us what is American Patriotism. We do need a lesson from Republican in Congress or the White House to teach few bits on US patriotism. Who in the hell they are to dare to tell us and define for us what is American patriotism is all about. Patriotism is standing up for America’s ideals and values. Standing up and fighting for America freedom and liberty, and standing up for freedom and liberty abroad, not to go to war on false pretenses and fraudulent claims and allow all the crooks and thieves the Republican Party can fined, to rape Iraq and raid our US and Iraqi national treasuries, and allow crooked businessmen and companies to defraud US Treasury out of billions of dollars of hard earned US tax dollars. We better see hundreds of crooks go to jail.
One thing Representative Schmidt failed to understand that a debate on the war in Iraq has nothing to do with American commitment to patriotism, but has every thing to do with Americas national interest and Iraqi national interest, and more importantly the very lives of those we decided to send to war to fight in a war that has no legitimacy what so ever. Instead of manipulating and hijacking the debate and make it about “patriotism” perhaps Republican and Democrats can wake up and live up to their responsibility of debating issues of national interests and rights, and leave patriotism to every single and individual Americans. We, as citizens can teach few Republicans what patriotism is all about. Let us put an end to this crap that is called “Republican Patriotism”.

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