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Time to Start Monitoring Teachings and Text Books of Jewish Yeshivas! Jewish Yeshiva Students Spiting on the Face of Christian Clergymen.

posted 16/11/07

The Washington Post on October 18th carried a story that an organization called US Commission on International Religious Freedom recommend the closing down of the Saudi Academy based in Alexandria, VA under the pretext that the Saudi Academy follows curriculum that teaches and promote hate of Jews, Christians and Shiites. Of course and as expected the organization did not bother to see and review the books used at the US based school, relying on hearsay and what it is told to do by powerful Christian-Zionist organizations and the Jewish lobby.

That of course reminded me of a story that I can across couple of days ago. Haaretz the Israeli daily carried in its 12/12/2004 a story written by Amiram Barkat titled ” Christians in Jerusalem Wants Jews to Stop Spitting on Them” a story that no American newspaper dared to publish and no columnist dare to write about out of fear of retaliations by certain Jewish groups in the US and certainly out of fear of losing their jobs and advertising revenue.

I am not so surprised by such behaviors of these Jewish Yeshivas students who for the most part are sponsored by US Jewish groups and who have no job in life other than to study the Torah and the Talmud and harass Palestinians on a daily basis when not in classes, destroying their farms and killing their live stocks and poisoning water wells, and committing frauds with substantial funding support from major and well known Jewish sponsors as they go about trying to take over Palestinian properties, by hooks and by crooks.

It seems the Jewish Yeshivas students are no different from Muslims studying in the Madrasas of Pakistan, who are taught to distain and contempt for other religions who are the subject of monitoring by this organization called US Commission on International Religious Freedom. Of course, we all know and we are reminded on a daily basis by Jewish and Christian organizations in the US of the efforts they put in monitoring Muslim schools. Of course this organization and others like it, never bother to look into what the Rabbis teach at these Jewish Yeshivas. Certainly they do not teach love they neighbor or teach the Ten Commandments.

However when the issue comes to Jewish Yeshivas students being taught by Rabbis to hate others, contempt for non-Jews and revenge with claimed sources in the Torah and the Talmud, no one bother to dare question any thing that goes on within these Yeshivas. One has to wonder what is the difference between the Muslim students at the Madrasas and the Jewish Yeshivas students who have nothing but contempt for others? Why the teaching of one is wrong and the teaching of the other is ok? Why do these organizations dare to challenge the Madrasas but not the Yeshivas?

The report in Haaretz goes on to state that many Christians clergymen have been subjected to such abuse by these Jewish Yeshivas students who are being taught modern Zionism and modern Jewish values. It is too bad Israeli judicial and police institutions do not take any actions to stop such abuse and in fact look the other way when such incidents take place. This reminds me of the days when police in the South used to look away when racists Whites harass and abuse Blacks even lynching them. What is the difference between the behaviors of these racists Whites and the actions of these Jewish Yeshivas students? Non what so ever.

Not only due these Jewish Yeshivas students spit on the face of Christian clergymen but also spit at the very symbol of Christianity, the Cross. The report include an incident where a young Jewish Yeshivas student” spat on the Cross being carried by the Armenian Archbishop during a procession near the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City, the archbishop’s 17th century cross was broken during the brawl”.

Such incidents are not isolated. Yesterday, the same Israeli newspaper, Haaretz carried a video of Jewish settlers hurling stones and kicking innocent Palestinians in Hebron, and shows young Jewish women hurling Molotov cocktail against Palestinians homes in the old city of Hebron. All of this takes place, whiles the Israel Army stand nearby protecting Jewish groups as they go about committing Crystal Nights against Palestinians on daily basis. No one could forget the behavior of young Nazis as they went about destroying Jewish properties in Munich, why should we allow these Yeshivas students and Jewish settlers commit the same crimes committed by the Nazis.

Perhaps Muslims and Arab Christians should form US based organization to look into the teaching of all Jewish Yeshivas and see and review what the Rabbis are teaching these young people. Would the US Commission on International Religious Freedom include Jewish Yeshivas in Israel within its scope of activities? Documented evidence is all over the place confirming Israeli Jewish Yeshivas teaches hates, contempt and even promote killing and murder of Palestinians and non-Jews. The behavior toward Christian clergymen in Jerusalem is a result and a byproduct of such teachings.

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