Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally, and excellent choice from President Bush

With the selection of judge John Roberts as a Supreme Court Justice and then selecting him as the Chief Justice is perhaps the best and most qualified choice he ever made in his troubled presidency. One has to commend the President for his choice; it was simply excellent and outstanding. Congratulation Mr. Bush, finally after 5 years you made the right choice. Perhaps you should fire every one and start all over again. As the 17th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, all Americans, Democrats and Republicans, liberal and conservatives, well perhaps some conservatives, should applaud such a selection and Americans of all walks of life and of all political spectrum should now feel relaxed, with the US Constitutions in good and trusted hands.

While not able to watch all of the US Senate hearings on his nomination, I was able to
read what the Washington Post and the New York Times published on Chief Justice Roberts, and from what I read Chief Justice Roberts is the finest jurist there is.

At a time when America is divided more that ever, on every issue, from the war in Iraq, to the war on terrorism, to the divisions over taxes and immigrations, women rights, God, yes God, since some believe they have monopoly on faith and morality and God, one has to admire such a man. A brilliant jurist, a decent man, with values that transcend race, color and faith, with commitment and dedication not to political parties and ideologies but to the US Constitution, that one instrument that kept this country together and kept it from falling apart and at a time when ideologue want to change and interpret the US Constitution to be in their own image, and what an image!

For the last 50 or some odd years, since Brown vs. The Board of Education and Rowe vs. Wade, never in the history of the US when our Constitution have been under constant assault. So many people on the right want to change every thing about the US Constitution, wanting to change it to fit their mental retardations and in conformance with what they hear from radio talk hosts and TV pundits. I am sure if these people where in charge of drafting the US Constitution there will never be a USA and our Constitution will look like any constitution from third world countries, changing with every military takes over, and with every change in government.

Thanks God that the job of these justices is for life and I will not be surprised if some of these loonies will soon call for the impeachment of Chief Justice Robert as not being conservative enough. Never understood what is wrong with being fair and liberal.

Perhaps these conservatives want someone like William Bennett who believes the best way to solve crimes is for Black women to abort all of their babies. Now could you ever imagine that a guy like that and who thinks like this was Secretary of Education? Not to mention that axis of evil Tom Delay who have been indicted for conspiracy. Of course both guys believe in law and order, of course for others, but not themselves.

I do wish Chief Justice Robert well and we ask the almighty God to bless him and guide him to serve this nation well and protect all of our rights from those who want to erode and do away with what made this country such a great country, the US Constitution. Sami Jamil Jadallah

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