Friday, October 17, 2008

A day to remember all those braves who died for this country

Today we all stand honoring all those of our friends and fellow citizens who gave their lives to defend freedom and democracy. It is a day we honor the millions of those who died to save the country and freedom around the world. Today those who died and wounded during the Civil War, we honor all of them, not only those on the Union but on the Confederate side too. All of them, brave having fought and stood up to what they believe and because of them America is stronger than ever as a nation. We also honor all those who died in World War I and World War II and the Korean War. Brave men and women who gave up their lives for the cause of freedom, not only ours but other nations as well. We give special honor to all those who died and made it possible to end Hitler and his Nazi regime and his evil empire. We honor all those who saved Europe from the ravage of Anti-Semitism and those who saved the body and soul of inmates at the death camps.
We also give special honor for those who died and where wounded during that ill conceived, and ill managed war in Vietnam. I give due respect to some of my friends in high school, like Jack Nurse, and Tom McGee who where the first to die from Gary, Indiana. I also salute my friend Brad Barton, wherever you are who was paralyzed from the waste down as a young marine, during the Vietnam War. Of course, I give no honor and respect for all those politicians who lied about the war and who put us their in the first place. They are held responsible for the tens of thousands who dies, and for the hundreds of thousands wounded during the war, and responsible for the tens of thousands who came back really messed up, mentally and physically. While I give honor and recognize all those brave men and women, I have nothing but contempt for the politicians who put us in the war in the first place. They lied all the way, and the truth was buried with every single soul who died in Vietnam. The war in Vietnam had nothing to do with freedom and liberty for the Vietnamese, but it had to do with every thing for those politicians whose cause was to fight communism and to win votes.
I also raise my hat to my 4 brothers who, together with me served this country with honor. Nabil who retired from the US Army, Lutfi and Taiseer who served in the US Marines, and Sulaiman and I who served in the US Army. We are all proud of having served this country, our country honorably and we will not allow these chicken hawks, and neocons to defame us and challenge our rights as citizens of this great country, and we are not afraid and not intimated by the Patriot Acts and all those laws that are designed not to protect and save guard the nation, but to infringe on our freedom as citizens.
Special honor goes to the brave young souls who are fighting the war in Iraq, and to all those who died there. Iraq is no different that Vietnam based on lies and fabricated information, so that these neocons can come on TV and tell us how safe we are. I think taking out Saddam did not need to cost us more that 1,500 dead, over 25,000 wounded and over $200 billions. To the brave soldiers in Afghanistan, we honor their bravery for putting an end to a criminal regime like the Taliban, and for cleaning up the mess left behind by US administrations after the liberation of Afghanistan from the Soviet.
To the memory of all those who died we give salute and to all those who were wounded we give salute. May God protect American from its enemies overseas, and may God protect American from its own enemies within the government and within the many think tanks here in Washington.

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