Saturday, October 18, 2008

The French Socialist Party can teach the Democratic Party few things!

posted 17/11/06

Couple of days ago, the French Socialist Party, the last of Europe true socialist parties selected Segolene Royal as its candidate for next year French presidential election.
The selection of Segolene Royal by the 6,000 delegates over the former French prime minister Laurent Fabius and the former French economic minister Dominique Strauss-Khan means the French Socialist Party is serious about challenging and winning the next presidential over the presumed front runner and the candidate of the right, Nicolas Sarkozsy.
The French Socialist Party could not have done better and could not have selected a better candidate than Segolene Royal, who in her speech recognized the fact that France has changed and that France today is one of color, of diversity, and one where all French nationals regardless of their origin are French and are entitled the full right of citizenship, and that means the chance for a decent life and a chance for a good education.
Nicolas Sarkozy, the son of a Hungarian immigrant and a French mother was in Washington couple of weeks ago, giving support to the Republican Party and to George Bush and his NeoCons in their war in Iraq, in their war on terrorism and in their war in Islam. Nicholas Sarkozy who is presumed the front-runner over Dominique de Villepin, the French Prime Minister is the present minister of interior with responsibilities for domestic policies including police, immigration and of course opportunities for sons and daughters of immigrants like him. While other immigrants are left to rot by the French domestic policies, someone like Sarkozy was able to become minister of interior and lead the war against immigrants and immigration, and his strength within the right.
The French Socialist Party with Ms. Royal as its candidate will have a good a chance of winning the election if it is able to convince the majority of French that France did change and that France can regain its economic health and reform without sacrificing its ideals and freedoms. Ms. Royal is offering the French a clear choice between the agenda of the French left and that of the French right.
The US Democratic Party must offer US voters clear and distinct programs from that of the Republican Party. It is too bad that the Democratic Party since Bill Clinton was unable to come up with a clear agenda for America, not only failed to challenge Republican of their presumed monopoly over national and security issues, but gave up its rights to challenge George Bush and his Tel-Aviv mafia over their fraud and lies and reasons for going to war in Iraq. Worst yet, it was unable, for the last two election to chose other than “too stiff” Al Gore and “too pompous and stuffy” John Kerry and could not offer smart candidates and programs to challenge George Bush and his agenda of recreating a new American in his image and in the image of his NeoCons.
Perhaps the Democratic Party can learn something from the French and offer us voters a candidate with clear lines of black and white. We are too tired of too many gray lines in our domestic and international policies. The Democratic Party failed American when it voted with George Bush knowing that he, Dick Chaney and the Tel-Aviv mafia lied all the way to the war in Iraq. The Democratic Party needs a candidate like Ms. Royal who is offering the French a clear choice between left and right, making sure there is nothing to be ashamed of in being on the left and being a liberal.

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