Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let us not confuse between terrorism and fight for liberation.

Original Post: 17 Nov 2005

After the tragic events in Amman and the murder of innocent people it is difficult to drop the subject of terrorism and the excuses it finds among Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, not only among people in the streets but among intellectuals as well.
Fighting terrorism must start with every house, with every family, with every street and with every journalist and with every satellite channel, and of course with every mosque and with every imam in every mosque.
The sad events in Amman is a reminder that all of us, Arabs and non- Arabs, must stand united in fighting this scrooge that is out to kill and maim for the hell of it. These terrorist are worst that any creatures on earth. There must never be an excuse for killing people.
The Arab streets in Amman, in Riyadh, in Casablanca, in Sann’a, in Ramallah and Gaza must stand up against terrorism loud and clear and must condemn this new culture of death that is but a cancer among nations.
I was in Casablanca when terrorist attached several locations and killed scores of innocent people and I was very impressed with the hundreds of thousands of Moroccan as they took to the streets to condemn such terrorist attached and I did not see any single Moroccan who went to give condolences to the families of those who committed such murder.
What I have seen in Casablanca I would like to see in Cairo, in Damascus, in Beirut, in Ramallah, in Gaza and in Riyadh and Baghdad. We need to make sure the terrorists know that they have no support what so ever in the Arab streets, they must know that they do not represent any one and certainly they are not Islam. These terrorists are nothing but misfits and killers and murderers who should pay a very high price for the murder they committed.
I am also calling on Palestinians to openly and publicly reject suicide bombing and must give a clear message to those who plan suicide bombing their pictures and posters will not adorn walls and streets and people will not visit and give condolences to their families and that no one, no one in Palestine will ever celebrate the death of a suicide bomber.
Yes, there are many grievances the Arabs and Muslims have against their own governments and against the West in General and the US in particular. Certainly against Israel and its racist and murderous policies, but there must never be any excuses for committing murder against innocent people; Jews and gentiles, Muslim and Arabs.
Such a culture of terrorism is not an Arab and Muslim culture. Before Muslim and Arabs started to commit these acts of terror and suicide bombing, many nations, people and culture did engage in such criminal and uncivilized activities. I reject claims by so called experts on terrorism like Steve Emerson and members of Congress and their staff who always try to make it a point that terrorism is nothing but an Arab and Muslim intrinsic trait. Individuals like Steve Emerson and members of Congress have their own agenda and it is not an American agenda. The US should understand and accept the right of people to reject and fight foreign occupation and Iraq and Occupied Palestine must not be an exception to the rule and that not all resistance to occupation are acts of terror.
The US as the leader of the so-called “Free World” should take the lead in pushing for a world conference on terrorism and liberation making a distinction between the two. At the same time there should be no distinction between acts of terrorism committed by groups and individuals and acts of terrorism committed by a state in pursuit of its policies. Let us not confuse acts of terrorism and acts of liberation.

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