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Conservative Republicans re-invented modern day Islamic Jihad, and we are paying the price for it!

posted 12/10/06

Republicans and so called intellectual advocates for the Reagan Doctrine such as columnist Charles Krauthhammer and ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick should always remember that they and the late president Ronald Reagan are the ones who re-invented, supported and financed modern “jihad” after it has been dead and forgotten by Muslims for over 700 years.
When Ronald Reagan declared in his 1985 State of the Union Message his support for the “Mujahideen” as Freedom Fighter, he set the stage for a monster in the making. Little did the conservative Republicans knew that these Mujahideen would one day haunt and attack the very hand that created and supported them.
In his determination to appose the Soviet Union and its expanding military and political influence around the world, the Reagan White House with input and management from the CIA sought to defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and else where. Someone must have been very clever within the Reagan Administration to even suggest the name “Mujahideen” as the name of Muslim fighters in Afghanistan. Billions of US dollars were spent on recruiting potential fighters from around the Arab and Muslim World to come to Afghanistan and join the Jihad. Like ideological armies before the Mujahideen, such as the Nazi Arm, Soviet Army and the Israeli Army, the CIA recruited political and ideological offices such as Sheik Abdullah Yusuf Azzam and Sheik Omar Abdul-Rahman (convicted of organizing the first attack on the World Trade Center) as the political officers of these Mujahideen.
Osama bin Laden was one of those recruited by the CIA to head to Pakistan and help organize the recruitment of Muslim Jihadists from around the world. Tens of millions of dollars of CIA money funded the office of “ Maktab Alkhadamat” Office of Services to facilitate Muslim Jihadists joining the American fight against the Soviet Union. It is these Muslim Jihadists that are now menacing their former sponsors. Many of the Arab governments that allowed the CIA to recruit its citizens for the fight in Afghanistan later became the victims of these very American Jihadists.
The late Robin Cook, the former British foreign secretary gave a very logical explanation of the meaning of Al-Qaida, which he defined as database, computer files of the tens of thousands of former veterans of the CIA Mujahideen War in Afghanistan.
One should not forget the great support and of course the greatest of benefits the Pakistani’s Inter-Service Intelligence Agency which was the commercial manager of the Mujahideen war against the Soviet, with officers and agents making millions of dollars. Please let us not forget and never let these Republican conservatives leading the war on terror that they are the one who in the first place are responsible for the resurrection and rise of modern day Islamic Jihad. It was they who redefined Jihad to fit their Reagan Doctrine and it was they who organized and managed the Holy War in Afghanistan. I think they owe the American people and all victims of terror an apology.

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