Saturday, October 18, 2008

The recent election was a victory for America more than a victory for the Democrats.

posted 12/11/06

I have to admit, my entire family and I were so very happy with the Republican loss of both the House of Representative and the Senate and above all were very excited in particular with the loss of George Allen and the election of Jim Webb to the US Senate.
Yes, this past election was a referendum on George Bush and his policies of war on America, his war terrorism and his war on Iraq that his “Tel-Aviv” mafia got us in.
The election of George Bush was a declared war by the NeoCons and the evangelicals against American and all that it stood for. The election of George Bush in the first place was a war on a healthy and substantial budget surplus, which he and his friends squander on their own foolish adventure and it is nothing but a declaration of war on middle class American and the millions of taxpayers. George Bush chose greedy corporate American over his own people and we all know where did the hundreds of Billions of dollars left over from Bill Clinton went. It went to companies that took American for a ride and took the taxpayers for a ride.
The NeoCons declared war on America and its democratic values and tried to justify the erosion and suspensions of civil liberties and justified torture and abuse and murder of prisoners in the name of fighting terrorism and in the name of national securities. American, which was the most loved country during the Clinton years, became the most hated country during George Bush and Dick Chaney’s years. The NeoCons for their own personal and ideological gains which has nothing to do with the national interest of the US and it has every thing to do with “Tel-Aviv” made sure that George Bush followed their own path to self destruction and the war on Iraq, which was originally planned by Bibi and his Likkudist boys in Washington back in 1992-3 was a way to secure Israel and put American in grave danger. The war on Iraq did not provide the American people with more security, in fact it added a lot to our insecurity, and added a great deal to the resentment of America by so many people around the world.
The election loss of George Bush, his Republican Party, all of NeoCons and evangelical Zionists-Christians was a declaration of independence by the American people and a declaration and commitment to the moral and democratic values that made the US such a great country, admired for its democratic principals and more admired for its protections of civil and constitutional rights. The Republican Revolution was no less of a revolution than that of Hitler National Socialism and its war on the German people.
The Republican lost not because the Democrats put forward clear alternatives and put forward a clear plans to undo the damage done by George Bush in his 6 years in office, but because the American people no longer bought the lies of the White House and its political strategists. This election was a vindication that American will always be that great country with great values and principals and will always be the leader of the free and democratic world. Bush, Chaney, Rumsfled, Rice, Bolton, Faith, Edelman, Perle, Wolfowitz, Frumm, Robertson, Faldwell and all of the NeoCons are nothing but an exception to the rule and that American will always manage to make a self correction and bring back the country to the middle. Let us hope the Democrat will have the backbones to offer clear alternatives to George Bush and his NeoCons and offer a program of investing in American and its people and that exporting democracies is a good thing, when it is done by examples and not by B-52’s or F-16’s. Yes, there is so much good well out there for America and we hope the Democrats will make a good use of it. It is the good well of the people of the world that is the best guarantees for our security. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan proves the limited use and benefits of weapons and wars.

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