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Time for The Arab People to Accept Responsibiity for Failed Nations.

posted 14/11/07

No doubts the political paralysis that is taking place in Lebanon, Palestine or Iraq has nothing to with the love and loyalty to country or what is in the best interest of the people, it has to do every thing with the best interest of a class of politicians who are at best selfish, incompetent and don’t give a damn about the country or the people.

In Lebanon and ever since the time of the late Camille Chemoun, electing a president of Lebanon or what they call in local lingo ( alestihqaq al-reasi) has been a mine field ready to explode indulging the country into a murderous civil war.

Sectarianism is the problem and the cancer that afflicts Lebanon and is the source of all of its problems and the direct cause of the death and murder of hundreds of thousands of people during the last century or so.

However the Lebanese, whether private citizens or politicians never want to admit that sectarianism is the core of the political problems and instability in Lebanon. One has to wonder why at this time and age, why the Lebanese do not force their parliament to change election laws and give the people themselves the right to directly elect and vote for a president? The Lebanese people are well educated and I am sure well qualified to make good decisions. Why they leave such a decision to elected members of parliament, who over the years failed the nation and the people? While Lebanon has the most enlightened people it has the worst class of politicians ever seen any where in the Middle East?

The situation is no better in Iraq where politicians appear on television well dressed, sitting on gold and leather chairs in fancy offices talking about what is wrong with the country, while the poor and desperate people face death every minute and every hour of the day all over the country. Rather than pulling the country together to end the American Occupation, they are working very hard to perpetuate it.

In Iraq, not only there is serious problem with politicians, ministers and members of parliament but also with religious leaders, Sunnis and Shiites who all forgot about the teaching of Islam and stand behind the sectarian conflict that took and is taking the lives of tens of thousands of innocent and poor Iraqis.

One has to wonder whatever happens to the people of Iraq, and why they allowed Saddam Hussein and his Ba’ath Party to commit the murder of hundreds of thousands of people. and allowed incompetent and corrupt politicians and religious leaders to take the nation to the abyss.

The situation among the Palestinians is no different, where selfish, corrupt and incompetent politicians, self appointed never the less, take charge of the fate of the nation for the last forty years, having failed to liberate and having succeeded in indulging the nation is petty fights that destroyed whatever sense of dignity and self-respect the people used to have.

A class of self appointed leaders who arrived from Tunis to manage the Israelis military occupation under a contract that is worth billions of dollars and who brought with them nothing but corruption, incompetence and failures.

The situation is no different with the home grown leadership sitting in Gaza who thought that (Islam is the way) and that their home made rockets and suicide bombings could alone liberate Palestine.

While the guys in Ramallah thought Oslo will end the Occupation, the guys in Gaza did not have a comprehensive and well thought out and detailed program to end the occupation.

Never could understand why the Palestinian people who claim to be the best educated in the Middle East, could ever put up with such a failed leadership all these years from the time of Hajj Amin Hussaini to Yasser Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas and Khalid Meshal?

With the tens of thousands of very well educated and well qualified professionals the Palestinian people could not find a dozen so to challenge the present leadership and for the first time give the people the chance to have hope for ending the occupation. Never understood why some of the most successful businessmen and some of the most successful and prominent intellectuals could not replace a class of politicians who are more interested in lining their pockets with ill gained income and fleece the nation rather than putting together the best and the brightest to lead the nation.

In the end, one should not blame the politicians of Lebanon, or Iraq or Palestine, for such failures. It is the people of Lebanon, of Iraq and Palestine are the one to blame. They are the one that should accept the responsibility for a failed nation.

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