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Bigotry and Racism Run Deep in the Republican Party of Virginia.

posted 22/10/07

It seems that every time the Republicans have nothing to offer to the people, they come up with the already failed “terrorism agenda”. Every Republican from Rudolph the “Reindeer” Giuliani to two unknown and obscure candidates for delegates in Virginia, Todd Gilbert of Shenandoah and Clay Athey Jr. of Warren are out to get the votes by using “terrorism” as a platform for winning elections, rather than offering voters better housing, better schools, better transportation and of course health care.
Giuliani who was the mayor of New York City when Osama Bin Laden terrorist struck the World Trade Center is using the shining, heroic moment of the men and women of the police and fire department and trading their names and bloods to his advantage in winning the Republican nomination. Nothing that Giuliani did as mayor made a difference. He was nothing more than a by-stander as the men and women of New York Police and Fire Department did what they know best. Whether it was an elephant or donkey that was the mayor it would not have made much difference.

Chicken Hawks Republicans always call on others to fight and die for the country, always try to show patriotism while they hide in their rat holes, behind shining desks and as they rob and fleece the nation and the case of the coward dope head Rush Lemphow hiding behind microphone making tens of millions of dollars insulting the intelligence of the nation.

In Virginian, these two obscured delegates who did not achieve much for their constituency in Virginia, as reported in Sunday’s edition of the Washington Post, came out with strong and inflammatory language against the Democratic Governor of Virginian, Timothy Kaine accusing him to patronizing Muslim groups and organizations that sponsor terrorism, accusing the Muslim American Society and Dar Al-Hijra Mosque in Fall Church of “maintaining radical beliefs”.

Also in today’s “Outlook” section of the Washington Post, it published an open letter titled” Why I Resigned” by Dr. Esam Omeish who resigned couple of weeks from an appointed commission that was looking at the issue of immigration. Rather than allows the Republican bigots of Virginia to destroy whatever good that may comes out of the commission, Dr. Omeish a first rate surgeon and a Muslim activists was accused of supporting Jihad when his accuser posted on YouTube a thirty second footage where the word “Jihad” was mentioned. Of course supporters of Israel went bezerk and as always become mentally deranged and rabid when a Muslim uses the word “Jihad”.

No doubt Republicans of Virginia are in desperate situation. Having lost the US senatorial race and the governor race and now facing a tough challenge in local and state wide elections are resorting to defamation and reckless statements about Arabs, Muslims and of course trying so desperate to tie Muslims in Virginia to terrorism.

Republicans of Virginian have not done the Commonwealth much good when they controlled the governor office and controlled the two US Senate seats. I do not recall a single legislation that this not so brilliant party put forward to the betterment of the state.

The Car Tax which former governor Gillmore won the election on was nothing but a big fraud and a big lie that did not materialize in any saving to the citizens other than winning him the election. The other not so brilliant idea is the stiff “over five hundred dollars” for traffic violation as a way to fight illegal immigrations. Rather than concentrating on the issue of education, transportation, job creations, health services, the Republican Party has nothing to offer the citizens except fear and bigotry and the much opportunities to Republican consultants and so called “experts” on terrorism to fleece the state and the nation.

We need to keep in mind; it is the same Republican Party that chose a liar and a felon as its candidate for the US Senate. Oliver North who made his reputation not in the battle field but in lies and disgracing the Marine uniform won the party nomination because the state Republican Party could not find one qualified candidate other than a liar and a convicted felon to represent the party in the US Senate. Of course Oliver North with more than twenty five million dollars raised by nationwide from conservatives lost the election badly, because we the people of Virginian simply did not want a liar and a felon to be our voice in the US Senate.

Ah, one last thing, about these rabid Republicans. Michael A. Ledeen, a “scholar” at the American Enterprise Institute, a NeoCon/Zionist organization writing in this weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal declaring “Victory is Within Reach in Iraq” forgetting that George Bush declared victory in Iraq few years ago. Of course these Zionist NeoCons are now working very hard to get the US into a fight with Iran as a way to protect and safe guard Israel. It is seems this country is destined by these die hard Zionist to pay blood and money to safe and protect the Jewish State. Before you know it we might end up declaring war on China because its existence might be perceived as a strategic threat to Israel. Mr. Ledeen like other Zionist Jews in the US is lobbying so hard for the US to declare war on Iran. As if their war on Iraq with its very expensive costs in American and Iraqi blood is not enough.

It seems that bigotry, racism, hate and lies run deep in the blood of Republicans that they may need some mental and physical treatments, not to mention a possible blood transfusion. Republicans are losers because they made this country a loser and because they fleeced this country with their greed and incompetence.

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