Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saddam got what he deserves, what about the others!

posted 07/11/06

Saddam Hussein the darling of Washington, Paris, Bonn and London few years ago was found guilty of crimes against humanity by an Iraqi court couple of days ago. The verdict was not so surprising given the fact that he ran a killing and murder machine through his Baathist Party and was and is responsible for the murder of millions of people within Iraq and also in Iran.
The surprising thing is that Saddam did not call for his defense the former heads of stated of the United States, both the late President Reagan and George Bush Sr., and did not call to his defense, Margaret Thatcher, the former British Prime Minister and did not call the former Chancellor of Germany, Mr. Kohl and not to mention Mr. France. All of these people made it all possible for a know criminal like Saddam Hussein to commit and continue to commit his crimes against his own people and against the Iranians. These people are as guilty as Saddam. They may not have pulled the trigger or order the killings, but they all made it possible for him to commit his crimes against his people and against his neighbor Iran. By the way, I was never a fan of the late Khomeini; I thought he was an evil man with nothing but vengeance and anger in his heart.
Of course we should not forget the honorable Donald Rumsfeld the present Secretary of Defense who was the Reagan connections to Saddam and who met with Saddam few days after the chemical attacks against the Kurds in Halabja and of course while there Mr. Donald made sure that Saddam knew how much he is appreciated by the United States and its allies in the Middle East, who also supported Saddam will tens of billions of dollars.
Saddam, like the late Shah was the darling of Washington, with his ambassador having an open check book to buy and trade congressmen and senators and buy any thing that darling Saddam wants from the US including giving him billions in line of credits, so that he can save his cash to buy weapons to kill his people and kill others.
Saddam got what he deserves. His own people should have hanged him long time ago, without the help from George Bush and his Tel-Aviv mafia. It is too bad that the Iraqi people did not stand up to Saddam and allowed him to get away with murder. Shame on all of the Sunni Muslims, who were part of Saddam killing machine and who stood in silent while Saddam waged his war and terror against their fellow countrymen, the Shiite and the Kurds.
Personally, I would be more happier if some of the western leaders who supported Saddam will also stand trial for their support of killer Saddam. May he hang for a long time and left to rot on his hanging robe. And may leading politicians and heads of states and military leaders everywhere in the world remember that NO one ever gets away with murder. It is never too late to bring to trial all of the men of the Reagan and Bush administrations and also bring to trial Thatcher and her boys and of course the Chancellor and his men and so many others. Perhaps we also need to dig up the grave of the late Khomieni and bring him to trial for his crimes against his own people. I wonder why these little dictators never learn lessons from the likes of the late Shah and Norriega.

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