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God Makes Frequent Visits to Virginia Beach to Meet with Marion Robertson; I wonder if Home Land Security Submit God for Finger Printing?

posted 15/11/07

Few weeks left for Marion Robertson (Pat) prediction of the end of the world and of course the coming of Christ and the destruction of the Jews or their conversion and the appointment of Marion Robertson as the Prime Minister of a new Israel.

It seems that Marion Robertson who became a multimillion selling PS too many of his listeners on the 700 Club is the only one God chose to speak to. Even George Bush and Bin Laden, or the Pop do not claim special relationship with God and do not make the same claim that Marion makes.

You see God actually has nothing to do and when HE gets bored about the many ills of the world and gets fed up with the prayers of the poor and the forgotten of the world decided to take brake from world affairs and descends to Marion house in his bedroom and wakes Marion up for a chat and advice. We do not know if Marion wife is present during these very frequent visits from God since Marion do not share with us the setting for God’s visit to Marion and does not share with us if God gets a hot glass of milk since HE travels a long way to meet with Marion.

Well, Marion tells his 700 Club that God told him during a January 2007 visit that the US will be hit with a terrible attack that kills tens of thousands. Of course Marion claims he was not clear whether the attach is nuclear or not. However Marion is sure the world will come to an end, cheating George Bush out of his last year in office.

With frequent visits from God, Marion tells us on another occasion this time on 6 May 2006 that a great Tsunami will hit the Northwest with catastrophic storm. Well, it seems that God changed his mind without clearing it with Marion.

Marion is not only an expert on things that has to do with God, or the last day, but he also an expert on leftist professors who terrorizes American universities and poison the minds of clean cut Americans. On a March 21, 2006 televised 700 Cub, Marion commenting on David Horowitz book ” The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America” claims there are some thirty to forty thousands left wing professors who are murderers, racists, sexual deviants and supporters of Al-Qaeda. Of course to Horowitz and Marion these professors do not meet the requirement of the obligatory loyalty to Israel and to Zionism, and as such they are deemed enemies of Israel and subsequently of the US.

Forty years after the 1967 War and the conquest of Israel of the Dome of the Rock and East Jerusalem, Marion believes, not so sure if God made such a visit Virginia, that the end of the world is coming and we need to prepare for the second coming of Christ. Of course, Muslims and Jews will be put to the sword, except those who sign up for Marion 700 Club and of course if one is to follow up the teaching of Marion blood will flow in Jerusalem and will reach the neck, much more than when the Crusaders killed over 70,000 Jews and Muslims when they conquered Jerusalem.

Now Marion is a close ally of theocratic Jews like the late Rabbi Meir Kahana who believed and taught his disciples that war against the Arabs and Muslims is a must and that killing of Arabs and Muslims is a way to salvation and the creation of a true Jewish state that has no room for secular Jews.

Tens of thousands of Kahana followers known as the Hill Top Jews receive substantial funding and subsidies from both Israel and the US. These Hill Top Jews well organized and well trained to carry out terrorist’s activities against Palestinians receive much logistical support and protections from the Israel Defense Forces as they go about terrorizing Palestinian population and go about shooting and killings.

These Hill Top Jews, who are professionals at stealing Palestinian properties and destruction of Palestinians farms and live stock are committed to war and committed to the spelling of blood, both Jewish and Arabs as a way to redeem themselves and of course to help and expedite the coming of the Messiah.

While Marion and the Hill Top Jews are allies, it seems that Marion is much more of a buddy to God while the Hill Top Jews are much closer to the Messiah. As a Muslim, I have to admit, I am very confused if the Messiah of the Hill Top Jews is the same as God, Marion’s friend. However I do think I read somewhere that the coming Messiah is not God, but the Messiah who rules before God takes over and destroys everything.

Tens of thousands of Jews from all over the US and in Israel make annual pilgrim to the grave of Rabbi Kahana grave. The Rabbi, keeping to the good teaching of the Torah, advocated revenge and the killing and murder of Arabs and their forced transfer out of Israel. It seems that substantial number of Jews and Christians have some thing in common with our Muslim Jihadists. All believe in revenge, killing, murder, death, and blood, destruction of communities as a way to please the gods and as a way to salvation. Perhaps Bin Laden and the Kach Jews should each have their own 700 Club as a not for profit 503 (C) American organization.

Waiting for the next visit from God to Marion in Virginia Beach, stay good and do good since the end is coming in couple of weeks. If you are an American executive with business in sub-prime lending, I suggest you should fleece the largest number of the poor and wicked before it is too late and take the money and invest it with Marion 700 Club, since he is a good buddy with God and you will be assured of a first class trip to heaven. Marion just might, invite you to meet God for cocktail

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