Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bush and Rice justify and support Israel’s cold blooded murder in Beit Hanoun.

posted 12/11/06

For over 50 years, the Arabs are convinced that only the US can solve the Arab-Israeli conflicts. The same is true of so many Palestinian- Americans who share the views that the US is very much interested in peace in the Middle East and convinced that the US is interested in settling once and for all the Arab-Israeli conflict. I am one of those who disagree with all of this non-sense and who sees the US not only a party to the conflict on the side of Israel but share in the daily crimes committed by Israel toward the Palestinian people and recently the Lebanese.
The recent veto by the US of a draft resolution holding Israel responsible for the massacre of so many innocent civilians in Beit Hanoun and the more than 38 vetoes in support of Israel, its crimes and its continued occupation should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that the US is, was never interested in peace in the Middle East, and in fact the US is one of the promoters and sponsors of all of the conflicts between the Arabs and Israel and could not, even if it wants to, due to domestic political reasons, sponsor any efforts that could lead to real peace between Israel and the Palestinians and between Israel and the Arabs.
US foreign policies from the days of Lyndon Johnson to Bush Jr., was always against the Arab interests even as they pursue genuine peace with Israel. And it is not all because of the influence of the Israeli/Jewish lobby, which has something to do with it, but long established policy directives that want to keep the Middle East a source of conflict and instability drive US policies in the Middle East. Other wise the US is perhaps in the best position to push for and demand an immediate halt to the violence and conflict and can in no time organize a world conference between Israel and the Arab countries and push for a total and comprehensive solution to the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab conflict.
The recent veto can only demonstrate that this Bush administration lacks any sense of moral values, and even devoid of any of its often-pronounced Judea-Christian values. How can a cold-blooded murder of innocent people of an entire family be justified? Even criminal Israel admitted the killings and murder in Beit Hanoun to be a technical mistake, yet Ms. Rice and Mr. Bush could never see any thing wrong with killing and murder of innocent Palestinian and could not see any thing wrong with killing of innocent Arabs. To Bush and Rice, the only good Arab is a dead Arab. This is the same Ms. Rice who not too long ago stood up and spoke at the annual conference of the American Task Force for Palestine and gave its commitments to do something about the daily crimes committed by Israel and who promised to work toward peace. It seem that peace is one defined by death.
The US is always covering up for Israel and always covering up for the daily crimes committed by Israel and its criminal army, and always find a way not only to provide international cover for such crimes, but fund it as well. We as taxpayers pay for all of the bombs and weapons that kill Palestinians and killed Lebanese. Someone like the ex-senator from Virginia, George Allen gave Tel-Aviv more than $30 BIILION, tens time the money he voted to give to his state of Virginia.
One day all of this will catch up with Israeli leaders, and US who will sooner than later will have to face international tribunals for the daily international crimes committed by Israel and its defense forces. For those who think the US is an honest broker should take notice and recognize once and for all that the US is not only a party to the conflict in the Middle East but is a partner in the daily crimes committed by Israel and its army, crimes committed on a daily basis in Gaza and in the West Bank.

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