Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes, Mr. Obama, there is nothing wrong with being an “Arab” or a “Muslim” in America, just like there is nothing wrong with being a “Black” or a “Chri

Perhaps the Arab and Muslim American community of citizens and voters should not feel too offended and must not be too harsh on Senator Obama and his handlers as he goes out of his way to avoid contacts with Arab and Muslim American communities across the country. Few days ago, both the New York Times and the Washington Post carried out leading articles on Senator Obama’s campaign deliberate plans of avoiding contacts with Muslim and Arab voters. Perhaps the Obama campaign is going too far out of its way to dispel any notion promoted by Jewish-Zionist Islamophobists in Florida, Shaker Heights, New York City and Chevy Chase that he is a “closet” Muslim. The New York Times article informed us that the Obama campaign leadership have no plans to make or allow Senator Obama or any of his representatives to make any appearance before Arab and Muslim American voters, even thought he made every efforts to appear before church groups and synagogues. My daughter Diala who was one of the few students to appear on stage with Senator Obama at George mason University before the start of his long and treacherous campaign told me this morning she will not vote for Obama expressing an anger that is across many of the young members of our communities who were strong supporters of Obama.

I am doing my best to understand Senator Obama’s reluctance to appear before such an audience, since some key organizations within the Evangelical Christians and Jewish Zionist alliance are making subtle, steady and consistent efforts, overt and covert and within certain groups of voters mainly Jewish and Evangelical to undermine his campaign, raising doubts about his “ Christianity” and his commitment and loyalty to Israel (as if loyalty to Israel and not the US has become the litmus tests for presidential candidates) giving the impression he is a “closet” Muslim. With this background, one has to give Senator Obama some leeway. However as the candidate with “Change” and who is defying all of the odds, one expect someone like Senator Obama to add and in the same sentence, that “thought he is not a Muslim, there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim”. That would show lots of courage and set him above all of the innuendos and shut up any of his critics and put this issue behind him once and for all.

Even before September 11th attack on the World Trade Center, there has been a growing efforts on the part of Christian Evangelical-Jewish Zionists alliance to disfranchise and undermine Muslims and Arab American groups participation and active efforts from joining the American main stream taking their rightful place within the American
Political process. That effort is not only failing but will fails miserably.

Great efforts by Jewish Zionists Islamophobists, racists, xenophobic fascists the likes of Steve Emerson and Daniel Pipes who made a career out of smashing Muslims and Arabs, betraying them as unworthy even dangerous terrorists elements in this country of ours, that these groups do not subscribe to the Judea-Christian political values system of government (as if creeps the likes Steve Emerson and Daniel Pipes represent the value system that made this country the great country it is).

This unholy alliance between Christian Evangelical-Jewish Zionists is making every efforts to undermine the credibility and standing of Senator Obama as a patriot American and as a “Christian” and portraying him as a “closet” Muslim is deliberate acts of undermining the maturity of the American political process and system that allowed a Black American, who is not a WASP, someone like Barack Obama to compete for the hearts and minds and “pockets” of millions of American across racial, religious, political and economic spectrum of this great country and win the nomination of his party. A process that proved there is nothing wrong with a Black, or a White or woman and hopefully soon, Jewish, Hispanic, a Muslim or a Hindu seeking the US presidency. That there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Black, or White, Hispanic, woman or Christian or Jew, and soon an Arab or a Muslim in this country. The question is why do these groups make it an issue of being a Muslim or an Arab in this country? Do these groups represent American values that makes our country stand out among all nations? Clearly they do not. They, their racist and discriminating religious values are nothing but an insult to our system of government and our political and social values.

It is true that our Arab and Muslim American community did not yet reach the political and economic maturity and sophistications like “other” communities. And yes we have not yet achieved the political clout to fleece the national treasury providing arms, weapons and money to keep illegal occupation going and support an “Apartheid” state like that of Israel. And it is true that we have not yet reached that political sophistications and power to promote our country’s engagements in wars that do not serve our nation and our people and our interest. And yes we did not reach as yet the political influence that undermines our nations national security and put our brave men and women in harms way to fight a war of their own choosing and makings, a war that has nothing to do with the US and it has every thing to do with Israel and its Zionist agenda. I am not so sure that we as a community want to achieve or seek to achieve that kind of corrupting influence that endangers our own democracy at home and our standing in the world community. It should be enough for us show our love for this country by reflecting its value system of freedoms, political and democratic values. We will leave all that corrupting influence to the other communities.

Without being too boastful of our community and group, we like all other groups in this country are hard working, family oriented, with emphasis on education have emerged as a force within the rising middle class of this country in terms of education and income and have joined the main stream of our fellow Americans with love and loyalty for the country of our choice. We will never allow fascist, Islamophpists, xenophobic and racists the likes of Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Bill Krystal, Richard Perle and Charles Krauthammer to undermine our standing within our larger American community.

Hundreds of millions of US tax dollars were spent by the many security oriented organizations within our American government to betray us as “ dangerous” for the security of the country and with hundreds of headline news cases filed by over-zealous, Islamic and Arab xenophobic in the Justice and Home Land Security departments, very few cases, perhaps less than one handful of cases were successfully tried on “terrorism” charges, with most case either dropped for lack of evidence or were prosecuted on different charges that has nothing to do with the war on terror. As such members of our community are no different from members of the other communities whose members were convicted of criminal and civil crimes. We have a lot to catch up with the others.

Yes, we will not allow these Islamophobists to undermine our political participation and join this nation in making national and international history in electing a Black and yes a “Christian Black” like Barack Obama as president of this great country of ours.

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