Monday, September 29, 2008

Wall Street, America’s Financial Terrorists.

Finally and after more than 5 years of running America’s financing to the ground, robbing stealing, cheating and terrorizing America, finally the FBI decided to open an investigations into the criminal activities and management of executives of companies like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae. Lehman Brothers and AIG.

We are in this big mess, not by accident, by deliberate design of these corporate executives who are not only highly paid racketeers but who are supposedly intelligent, smart and come with impressive credentials.

These corporate executives are the true financial terrorists of America, in fact Wall Street and its behavior for the last 30 years of so since the Republican Party decided that deregulation is in the best interest of corporate executives, certainly not in the best interest of America and American tax payers and consumers, these executives have been waging war against America and the American tax payer, colluding with a party that regained control of Congress with their “Contract on America”.

The collusion was very obvious, with more than one billion dollars ( $1,000,000,000) going from Wall Street terrorists to members of Congress through highly paid lobbyist that made sure that both the Republican Congress and Republican administrations conspired against the American tax payer allowing Wall Streets financial terrorists a free hand to do what they want and how they wanted. Of course while they were robbing and fleecing America and American tax payers these financial terrorists where raking tens of billions in bonuses and stock options.

Some executives were making $250 millions in annual compensations while charging Main Street and poor street Americans 30% to 40% in interest rates, gifts from the Republican Congress that allowed credit cards companies to have free hands on how much they can charge in interest rates. Some executives where aid hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation while average shareholders lost every thing. Other executives where paid tens of millions of dollars while making sure that tens of thousands of employees within their own companies lose their jobs. HP paid its fired CEO some $ 40 millions in compensations for succeeding in putting some 20,000 employees out of a job.

One has to wonder how many children suffered because their parents got fired. How many children and families lost their health care benefits so that the CEO can make here $40 millions in annual compensations? One has to wonder how many families lost their homes so that the board of directors can give a pat on the back for the CEO that succeeded in putting 20,000 employees on the streets.

True the terrorists of September 11, killed some 3,000 innocent people, but the Wall Street financial terrorists made sure they put tens of millions of Americans out in the cold and in harm way, with millions losing their jobs and their life savings so they can enjoy more than $ 5 Billions in annual compensations.

No way can Wall Streets lose hundreds of billions of dollars but for the criminal negligence of its executives. As lawyers, economists, and financial experts they had a higher degree of care than the rest of us. One can understand if one financial institutions runs into a problem, one can say it incompetence and greed, but to see so many fails, one has to see a criminal conspiracy among all of the executives especially as the not so brilliant George Bush, MBA-Harvard said last week that there is an “intertwining” of the financial sectors. Executives were grating executives tens of billions in loans with minimum collateral or guarantees knowing full well that executives on both sides can rake in hundreds of millions in fees and bonuses.

Difficult to believe that these proclaimed “brains” on Wall Streets did not see this financial crises coming. More troublesome is how the Republican Administrations and its Secretary of the Treasury, a seasoned man on Wall Street could not see it coming. In fact Secretary Paulson on one of the Sunday back in March gave the nation the assurance that every thing is just fine. American banking system is doing great and on solid ground, financial institutions such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are in great shape, the fundamentals of our economies as in top conditions. With assurance from the Bush Administration no one was bothering to look at the leak beneath the water line and that the American banking system was about to sink and sink fast. Leaders like Bush and Paulson should have known better. Leaders within the Congress were no better than the administration. They simply had no clue on what is going since they were closing their eyes with the help of billions of dollars in lobby monies coming to both the Administration and Congress.

Perhaps the FBI can expand its criminal investigations and investigate the Treasury Department, Bush Administration, members of Congress and of course the lobbyist.

The Department of Home Land Security should expand is surveillance to include the financial terrorists of Wall Street and the hundreds of companies that “stolen” more than $ 15 Billions in “unfinished contracts”. It seems that this administration not only failed to protect this country from overseas terrorists but colluded and made it possible for the Wall Street financial terrorist to achieve their goal and undermine our economic security similar to that of the terrorists who undermined our safety and security. Perhaps it is time to scrutinize the executives of Wall Street and strip searching them just like us poor travelers who are stripped down every time we fly. Yes, both kinds of terrorists succeeded on George Bush’s watch. No doubt this president will go down in history as the most incompetent, least intelligent and a failed president. Four more years of George Bush will take the country back to the Great Depression.

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