Monday, September 29, 2008

John McCain is Too Irresponsible and of Poor Judgment to be a President.

Contrary to his slogan of “Country First” John McCain is putting himself and his personal ambitions, Sarah Palin, much ahead of the country and his slogan of “Country First” is nothing but a big lie and a big façade.

His decision to select Sarah Palin is not only reckless and irresponsible but down right stupid and wrong. How any responsible person could have selected an unqualified, ill prepared person to be the vice –presidential candidate? Sarah Palin is not qualified to be a governor let alone a vice-president. Perhaps it is time for both parties to draft new rules that limits the powers and prerogatives to of the presidential candidate to select on his own his/her running mate. The position of the vice-president is too important as the position of the president. They few heart beats away from the presidency.

The incompetence, reckless decisions of John McCain proves once again this man is simply unfit to be a president of the United States of America. Never could understand an electoral process that allows candidates such as John McCain, George Bush or John Kerry to win the nominations of their parties.

The way John McCain conducted his first interview with Barack Obama and his arrogant and condescending way is yet another outward behavior of a guy who has some serious personal issues with himself and with others. He even did not look Barack Obama in the eye nor did he have the courtesy to look his direction during the debate. His Republican and “Christian Values” are quite apparent.

We all know John McCain has very serious “judgment” problems and issues from the days of the failed “saving and loans” with the “Keaton Fives” where he was “censored” by the Senate for exercising “poor judgment”. It seems that poor judgment is John McCain’s trade mark since he was in the US Navy.

John McCain crashed 5 US Jets worth some $150 million while in the Navy and if his was father was not an admiral perhaps he would have been dismissed from the Navy for reckless flying. However his behavior as a navy aviator is not the issue. It is his consistent poor judgment that is the issue. If his flying is an indication of his presidency, then God help us.

He voted for the War on Iraq knowing that Cheney –Bush and the entire NeoCons team were liars and have an agenda of their own, and the country is not one of them. John McCain voted for the war knowing that Cheney-Bush did not have any plans for the war let alone one for during and after the war. Yet he did vote for it and this stupid reckless and irresponsible war ended up costing the lives of some 4,200 brave men and women an caused the permanent injuries of some 40,000 who were and for the most part neglected by the very same people who claims to have their best interest at heart. It seems that the care and welfare of these veterans are the last thing on the minds of the Bush-Cheney White House or on the minds of those who planned, organized and managed the war, people like Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Ronald Rumsfeld among others.

Voting for the war, and failing to see the consequences of such stupid and reckless decision proved that John McCain simply “does not understand” and simply have no judgment. Then the big disaster came when he selected someone like Sarah Palin to be his vice-presidential running mate.

Of course one should not forget that John McCain team is made of lobbyist who always put their personal interest ahead of the national interest and again, John McCain is the key man in the Senate for the gambling industry. One has to read the leading US paper to see how deep and “embedded” John McCain is with lobbyist and the lobby. John McCain is simply unfit to be a president and is simply an irresponsible man with very poor judgment. How can any one like John McCain become a president of the United States especially at these very difficult and unpredictable times? The US and the world need someone with good judgment in the White House, someone other than John McCain. God help us if someone like Sarah Palin succeed John McCain to be a president of the United States. John McCain simply put the country at risk, a great risk. He is unfit to be a president.

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