Tuesday, September 30, 2008

George Bush You Shamed US. If Israel is your “model” democracy in the Middle East, no wonder your democratization process is a total failure.

George Bush statement in the Israeli Knesset in celebrating 60 years of independence, shames us all. His failure to recognize that Israel was not founded in “Heaven” but in long history of terrorism and ethnic cleansing is a smack in the face of his administration and its commitment to fighting terrorism and it is an insult to all of the great values that made America the great country it is, notwithstanding poor and incompetent leader like George Bush. His model democracy is a country that has no constitution and no borders.

Unlike Sadat, George Bush missed a historic opportunity to speak for a historic reconciliations between Jews and Arabs and failed to show statement and courage to call of the establishment of a free Palestinian state and an end to the Israeli military and Jewish Settlers Occupation. Bush forgot that Some 750,000 Palestinians were driven out, forced to leave their homes and farms under the onslaught of organized Jewish terrorists groups such as the Haganah, Palmach, and Irgun. Mr. Bush lacking the intellectual capacity to read and learn history failed to see the many terrorist’s crimes committed by Jewish terrorists group in what is called War of Independence. Israel independence is full of massacres and atrocities committed against Arabs, a history that continued 60 years later in Qibya, Qana 1, and Qana 2 and of course Sabra and Shatilla. However George Bush could never see killing and murdering of Arabs as terrorism. We know Mr. Bush graduated from Yale and Harvard, however it would do Mr. Bush lots of good to have one of his staff associate who graduated from a junior college to do a complete and detail history of Zionist terrorism against Arabs to find out that Jews and Israel had their own “Jewish Hamas” “Jewish Jihad” and “Jewish Hezbollah” with names like Irgun, Haganah and Palmach.

More than 500 villages and towns were completely wiped out, completely destroyed by the new Jewish state with private and public properties confiscated for the exclusive use of Jews. Mr. Bush should have asked his Israeli hosts about Deir Yassin, King David Hotel, Dawayima, Saliha, Lod, Ein El-Ziytoun and Abu Shusha and Haifa. Jewish terrorists groups in some cases killed few villagers in cold blooded murder to scare the many and in most cases committed large scale terrorist acts killings hundreds in cold blood like that in Deir Yassin, Lod and Abu Shusha. Mr. Bush who made his trade mark fighting terrorism could have learned few things from his hosts and could have learned a great deal about Jewish terrorism. It was the new immigrant Zionists Jews who first introduced terrorism as a mean to achieve political ends.

Poor President Bush he allowed his evangelical believes in Eretz Israel to overcome his duty as a statesman, as representative of the people of the United States with commitments to uphold all of the great values our founding fathers set for us long time ago. Freedom, liberty, justice, fairness, equality of citizenship irrespective of race, color and religion and a sense of decency all were lost in his speech. Mr. Bush perhaps was pushing hard for the second coming of Christ where “Zionist Christians” believe in the forced conversion of Jews to Christianity or putting them to the sword. His message in the Knesset was not that of an American statesman, a president of the United States but small time breacher. Bush commitment of 300 million Americans to defend and die for Israel did not get similar response from Olmert to commit 7 million Israeli Jews to defend and die for America. But then what should we expect from George Bush!

Mr. Bush chose to ignore the entire history of the conflict and the rights of some 7 million Palestinians who have been disposed and disfranchised with some 3.5 millions living under Jewish military and settler’s occupations for the last 41 years. Mr. Bush is trying to tell the Arab and Muslim world it is OK for Palestinians to live under the point of gun day in and day out and ruled over by a very powerful and criminal army whose officers, leaders and soldiers should be facing war crimes. Mr. Bush is telling the Arab and Muslim world it is OK to have their properties stolen, confiscated or destroyed by Israel. Mr. Bush is trying to tell the Arabs and Muslims it is Ok to kill and murder Arabs in cold blood using latest technology provided by the US. The same George Bush is the one who dispatched through an aerial bridge some 1.5 million American cluster bombs to Israel so they can be dropped on Lebanese civilians this past summer. Tens of thousands of bombs remaining unexploded they are killing and maiming Lebanese civilians every day. Mr. Bush message to the Arab and Muslim worlds is very loud and clear. I think if the Arabs and Muslims have any sense of dignity and self respect they should understand the message and know that George Bush’s America is not a friend of the Arabs or Muslims and his administration is not committed to true democracies and liberation, but an administration committed to international and state terrorism, racism ad ethnic cleansing. Who could believe a “Jewish” only road that not even George Bush qualifies to travel on? This is the kind of Israel George Bush sees as a model.

Mr. Bush “only democracy “ in the Middle East is a country and nation committed to ethnic cleansing and ethnic purity, making sure that Arabs have no room in a Jewish Israel. Mr. Bush’s Israel is a country that at one time or another jailed and imprisoned more than 700,000 almost 1/3 of the Palestinians under occupation. Mr. Bush’s Israel is the only occupying power that has a policy of destroy homes, uprooting millions of trees, destroying farms with religious “ fatwa’s” by Jewish Rabbis to kill and murder man, beast and destroy trees and everything living. Mr. Bush’s Israel is the only country that confiscates and robs people of their own properties to build settlement where only “Jews” can live. For the Palestinian Arabs, every night under the Jewish Occupation became a “Krystal Night”. Yes, Mr. Bush we too can see and appreciate what kind model democracy you are trying to market in the Middle East. With Israel as your model state, no wonder your “democracy” program is going no where and is an absolute failure, like your policies at home and abroad.

Too bad that such a great country like the United States under both Republican and Democratic administrations and for the past 60 years have supported cold blooded dictatorship ad racists regimes like Israel and Apartheid South Africa. The United States supported criminal dictators like Somoza of Nicaragua, Noriega of Panama, the Shah of Iran in Iran, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Marcos in the Philippines, Suharto of Indonesia, Penoche in Chile not to mentions little time dictatorships in Latin and Central America, in Vietnam and in East Europe. Tens of millions of people were killed, exiled by these dictatorships and millions died as a result of US policies in these countries.

Mr. Bush chose not to understand; perhaps chose not read Jewish writers and intellectuals defining Zionism simply in racist terms and with commitments to murder and ethnic cleansing. Dispossession of Palestinians by Jewish terrorism is the largest armed robbery in the 20th century if not in history.

The founding of Israel was not driven by discrimination and hate at the hands of Arabs and Muslims, but by European and Western Anti-Semitism, Pogroms culminating in the horrible crime of the Holocaust. The support for the established of the State of Israel as a Jewish state was driven by hate for the Jews and this remains valid today. True the West and especially the US tries to define modern western values as Judea-Christian values when in fact latent Anti-Semitism run deep in all of western democracies. For certain, if the Jews and Zionists in the US and in other western countries just let down their guards or slack off a little in their guarded offense, we will see nothing but concentration camps and programs all over again. The Jews and the Zionists know this and that is why they need to be on the offensive making sure that any feelings of Anti-Semitism are nipped quickly and fast. Latent Anti-Semitism in western culture and “Christian nations” gives the Zionists the ammunition they need to silence any criticism of Israel and its Zionists agenda and the agenda of Zionists in all nations.

Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Menachem Begin, Itzhak Shamir, Ehud Barak, Bnjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres all were and are committed Zionists and committed to the use of force and cold blooded murder and well organized terrorism as a mean to keep the nation going and drive the Palestinians out of their Palestine. One can understand Israel as a refuge of Jews from the Pogroms and the Holocausts but no one can forgive Israel for the crimes committed against the Palestinians people in the last 100 years. Israel may have the most powerful army in Europe and the Middle East but that army could never be the professional army as long as it remains the largest and most professional terrorist’s organization in the world.

The Zionists movement succeeded in transforming Judaism and Jews and made Zionism the new religion of most Jews around the world, hence the confusion between Judaism as an Abrahamic religion and Zionism as an ideology no different from Communism, Fascism and Islamic fundamentalism or even Hindu Nationalism. Ideologies like that of Zionism could never succeed in substituting for the true faith of Judaism.

Bush and the United States blinded support for Israel is an insult to humanity, to the US, and the world. Israel and the US sooner than later will admit the wrongs committed toward the Palestinians people and sooner than later we will see a one state for both Jews and Arabs. States like Israel built around hate, chauvinism, racism, force of arms, terrorism, Apartheid and ethnic cleansing sooner than later will fall apart. Nazi Germany, Soviet Union and South Africa are an example. George Bush commits 300 million Americans to defend and die for Israel. We are waiting for Olmert or Peres to commit 7 million Israeli Jews to defend and die for America. It is our rights to know if the other side is willing to make the same commitment.

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