Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Only the Fools in Ramallah do not see it. Israel and the US are working on a Two State Solution, One is Israel, the Other is the Jewish Settler State

It seems every time US Secretary of State Rice visits the Middle East, especially Israel, some things very standard happens. One of three things happens. Israel undertake a very wide and aggressive military campaign targeting fighters and civilians alike and resulting in scores of death and tens, perhaps hundreds of injuries and resulting in wide destructions of properties and homes. The other action Israel takes is a large-scale arrest of Palestinians nationalist under the pretext of preemptive security. The third thing is the announcement of large-scale construction of settlements making sure there is never a room for a Palestinian state within the Jewish State on the West Bank. Condi Rice and as expected makes a sympathetic statement to Israel’s need for security and peace while giving the Palestinians a ‘drug fix” to proceed with the negotiations, as if nothing is happening on the ground to make life more miserable for the Palestinians and to proceed with negotiations that are going nowhere except keeping the leadership busy and in business of managing for the Jewish Occupation.

Both Israel and the US know and are working in coordination and in concert not for a Palestinian State in the Occupied West Bank but a Jewish Settler State in Judea and Samaria. The only ones that do not know this or failed to see this are the fools in Ramallah.

The late Arafat failed to see this since day one of the 67 occupation. He continued to bet on demographic counting on the ever-increasing number of Palestinians while forgetting the very basic issue and conflict with Israel, which is the land, real estate. Forgetting it is so easy to exiles and ethnically cleanses hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in no time.

This stupid failure on the part of Arafat led him to negotiate for himself and his organization the PLO a management contract with Israel whereby the PLO and PA and directly Fatah became the administrators of the Israeli Occupation for and on behalf of Israel. This stupid failure to see the reality allowed Arafat, Abbas and Qurai to commit an unforgivable and criminal act of negotiating Oslo without making sure that the Jewish settlements in the West Bank stops completely, once and for all.

Rather than insisting on a complete stop and halt of ALL Jewish settlement activities, the Palestinian Troika negotiated an archaic system of dividing the Occupied Areas into three categories A, B and C. While the Israeli negotiators have the benefits of a professional legal team and the benefits of maps and aerial views of the area and other experts, the Palestinians had the benefits of the brilliance and wit of someone like Ahmed Qurai and hence the loss of more than 60% of the area to Jewish settlements and Jewish Roads and Jewish military areas, Jewish restricted areas etc. While the Jewish negotiators bet on the land, the brilliant Palestinians Trio of Arafat, Abbas and Qurai bet on the US to deliver Israel to the Palestinians. It should have been the other way around, the Palestinians should have bet on Israel to deliver the US. It is very doubtful if the Palestinian leadership fully understood and appreciated the division of the Occupied Areas to three separate areas with each having its own legal status. I do not think their brain allowed for such understanding.

This very stupid, reckless and unforgivable failure and mistake allowed both the US and Israel to make good use of the Palestinian stupidity to work toward the creation of a Jewish Settler State in Judea and Samaria over 60% of the Occupied land, leaving the Palestinians with the every day need to face confiscations of land, destruction of homes and farms, targeted assassinations, mass and large scale arrests, ever expanding network of security checks, more land for the Apartheid Wall not to mention the outright theft of all underground water and of course the large scale ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the ever expanding boundaries of Jerusalem.

Every one know, except the fools in Ramallah, what is going on and every one know that the US, is a partner in the crimes of the continued military and Jewish Occupation of the West Bank, and every knows that both the US and Israel, since 67 have been working together for the eventual creation of a Jewish Settler State in Judea and Samaria next to Israel. The evolving US position on the status of Jewish Settlements can only confirm what is going on the ground. It does not take lots of brains to see what is going on.

Though Abbas, the PA, PLO and Fatah think they are in charge as administrators and agents of the Jewish Occupation, a deranged mentally retarded Jewish Settler from Brooklyn have more power and authority in the West Bank than the combined force of some 250,000 functionaries and security officers that form the Palestinian Authority. Forget about the guys in Gaza, they are another story.

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