Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It is an insult to America for Clear Channel Communications to pay loud mouth vulgur fool $400 million.

At a time when America is facing its worst economic and political failures since the depression, with hundreds of thousands of people losing their homes to foreclosure and hundreds of thousand of people losing their jobs and the self dignity that comes with the job as a result of greedy, incompetent, dishonest and corrupt business leaders and with more than 4,000 our brave soldiers dead and some 40,000 wounded as a result of lies and more lies from this Republican administration comes the news that Clear Channel Communications, the conservative news media has agreed and concluded a contract with the talk radio host Rush Limbaugh worth some $400 million. This same company that preach American and family values.

Only in American were we pay corporate executives tens and hundreds of millions of dollars as rewards for their talent and ability to cheating millions of consumers out of their hard earned money and cheat shareholders out of billions of dollars worth of stocks only to have our present Cheney-Bush administration step forward and allow these corporate executives after having succeeded in fleecing the public to come in and fleece the national treasury and bails them out.

Only in America we pay a loud mouth vulgar fool like Rush Limbaugh hundreds of millions of dollars to insult our intelligence and insult our nations sense of decency and reward such person $400 millions so he can continue with his outrageous talk and insults.

Only in America we pay someone like Howard Stern, another vulgar foul-mouthed radio host $ 500 million to insult us and insult our intelligence and sense of values. Who would believe that between these two fouled mouthed vulgar we pay them almost one billion dollars to shout at us, and insult us with their stupidity and fouled mouthed filth.

There must be something wrong with America and an audience that listens to these two guys and agree to foot the bills to the tune of one billion dollars so they can listen to these guys on the radio. To me that is one reason I will never subscribe and pay the monthly fee for satellite radio that carries a show like the Howard Stern show and certainly will not listen to such loud mouthed jerk like Rush Limbaugh or listen to any one the Clear Channel stations.

There two guys one from the left and one from the right would not have reached such heights in terms of earning has not been been for the their vulgar talents of insults, fouled mouthed language and their talents to jerk their audience around. I am sure they laugh all the way to the bank and wonder what kind of stupid fools listen to them so that the radio companies that carry their show pay them $400 million and $500 million respectively. I am sure deep down these two guys have nothing but contempt for their audience and for the corporate executives that hires them.

That should tell us not only about corporate America as it reaches to the sewer to pick up such known radio personalities but it also tells us about the kind of audience these radio hosts have.

I can see corporate America paying research medical doctors millions of dollars as they go about searching cures for diseases and using their brains, talent and intellectual and moral commitment to the betterment of mankind. I can see corporate America paying millions of dollars to urban planners who can come up with plans to reinvent our cities and suburbs and make it people friendly where we can live, shop and work in the same neighborhood. I can see us paying millions of dollars to inventors who discover ways for us to recycle our toxic trash and make it friendly to our environments. And I can see us paying millions to our educators as they seek to improve the educations for our children. I even can see us paying millions in bonuses to legislatures and city and county administrators as they seek to improve the nation and cities and save us billions.

However I could never see why and how can we as nation reward incompetent corporate executives tens if not hundred of millions of dollars as they run to the ground public corporations entrusted to them? Certainly I could never see any reason whatsoever to pay loud fouled mouthed fools billions of dollars to insult our intelligence and our sense of decency. But then this is America of the 21st century. This is not America we grew up with, where millions of hard working parents do their best to secure a decent living and a good education for their children. How can the executives of both Clear Channel Communications and SIRIUS Satellite Radio justifies paying some $40 millions and $50 millions a year to guys who simply talk for couple of hours a day when the majority of the nation live on less than $40,000 a year. Yes there is something very wrong with us as people and a nation to accept such insults from corporate executives. There is something wrong with us as consumers to listen to such fouled mouth vulgar fools and pay for it. I am sure Rush is laughing all the way to the bank, not because he has a big fat check , he is laughing at the millions of fools who listens to crab and who made him rich.

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