Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When will America becomes a priority in presidential elections?

George Bush recent speech in the Israeli Knesset and his volunteering of 300 million American lives to the defense of Israel right or wrong raises serious problem about where Americans are and where America’s interest in this whole presidential election is.

John McCain, the Republican candidates is ignoring America’s problems and solutions to many problems and is doing his best to shift the focus and attention on Iran as the real issue in this entire presidential campaign, chastising candidate Obama for even suggesting speaking with Iran. It seems that candidate McCain, a man who put himself forward a “national security expert” forgot or perhaps chose to forget that George Bush Republican administration has been holding direct talks with the Iranians for over a year now and in fact the American Occupation Army in Iraq hosted the president of Iran in the American Green Zone during his last visit to Baghdad.

Of course we all know that Iran is not the issue in the election. It is Israel and its issues with Iran than makes Iran the main issue in this year presidential election. Candidate Hillary Clinton promised to wipe Iran off the map if there is an armed conflict with Israel. I am sure both candidates Clinton and McCain know that not-withstanding the rhetoric of both the late Khomeini and Ahmedeinjad, Iran in its modern history of the last 500 years never attacked any of its neighbors. In fact it was the late Saddam Hussain with American’s military and financial support that went to war with Iran and forced on Iran eight years of war that killed more than 1.5 million Iraqis and Iranians.

I do understand and appreciate that the United States never got over the American hostage crises in Iran, soon after the Iranian revolution that toppled the Shah of Iran. However it seems American and Israeli politicians have short memory. For over 25 years during the dictatorial and criminal regime of the late Shah of Iran both the CIA and Israeli Mossad together with SAVAK held the entire nation of Iran hostage. If the Americans could not forget or forgive the hostage crises how do we expect the Iranian to forget years of detentions and executions carried with the professional support of the US and Israel.

Focusing on Iran has nothing to do with the US. It has every thing to do with Israel. I am sure candidates Clinton and McCain know that Israel is the only country other than Saddam Hussain that has been at wars with its neighbors attacking far away Tunis and far away Baghdad with plans to attack Iran in the very near future. Israeli leadership only needed to hear the affirmations of support from George Bush, John McCain and Hillary Clinton to decide not if but when it will attack Iran and hence the commitment of the lives of some 300 million Americans to the defense of Israel and Hillary to obliterate Iran and wiping it off the map.

It is hard to believe that the main focus of this election is Israel and its defense and Iran and its unproven nukes ( when Israel have over 250 nukes) but no one dare to speak of US tax dollars that has been going to Israel for the last 60 years or so. More than a trillion has gone to Israel with tens of billions going to fund and finance Israeli Jewish Settlement on stolen Arab lands so that Israeli Jews can enjoy the good life of living in first rate apartments while millions of Americans live in shacks and trailers and substandard housing.

I am sure that candidates Clinton and McCain never bothered or chose to ignore the fact than millions of poor American live in trailers and do not live in apartments with swimming pools like their counter parts Israeli Jews. I am also sure that both candidates chose not to question the fact or even raise the issue why is it that Americans, poor American tax paying citizen lives in trailers and absolute poverty not having the funds to live in decent homes when Jewish settlers are enjoying the good life with our own tax dollars. When will American presidential candidates give a damn about our poor and disfranchised with no American dreams only nightmare?

Not so sure if Clinton and McCain have any ideas of how poor Americans live from day to day with poor White mine workers, with little or no education in Kentucky and West Virginia going to daily “auctions” to buy canned food for the day. No so sure if Clinton and McCain can see the millions of unemployed in Ohio and Michigan whose only life line is a part time job as Sam’s Club earning $8 an hour or working in McDonald at minimum wage. No so sure if McCain and Clinton know there are over 30 millions uninsured Americans with no safety net whatsoever. Not so sure if McCain and Clinton know there are over 500,000 rundown dilapidated schools where rats and rodents compete for attention with students. Not so sure if McCain and Clinton know that the majority of our infrastructure of highways and bridges, sewage and water treatment plants are in danger of falling apart because of absolute neglect of our successive administrations.

One has to wonder why candidates McCain and Clinton do not see the failed policies of the past that have turned the American dream to a night mare. No longer has the American dream included a house or a car or an education. Our dream is to keep a job or even a part time job and few paychecks ahead of the credit cards companies or the vicious dogs hired by American corporations to collect on debt. The dreams of having a house evaporated with greedy crooks in the American mortgage and finance industry taking the consumers for a ride and fleecing them and sucking the blood out of them, while making hundred of millions of dollars in annual salaries and bonuses. Now these same crooks are seeking government money to revive the very corporation they bankrupted. This can only happens with the open wide support given by our Congress to these crooks and robbers. It is never America’s interest on Capital Hill, it is the lobbyist interests that rules. Poor Americans are the last thing on the minds of Congress.

Do not understand why candidates Clinton and McCain turned a blind eye on all of the ills of America? Why make Iran the central focus of this presidential debate and not America? Never understood why US presidential candidates do not make America and Americans the focus of this election and every election. One has to wonder when presidential candidate put America first? Time to take on these candidates and hold their feet and tongues to the fire and reclaim America back as the lands of our dreams.

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