Sunday, July 22, 2007

What is wrong with the Arab street for accepting all this failure? Part 2.

I am one of those who spoke repeatedly and often on failures of leadership in the Arab world and I often spoke critically and not so politely of the leadership with the Arab world and was and remain particularly critical of the past and present Palestinian leadership.

However, I did on a number of occasion spoken of the need for a massive popular uprising in the Arab world that can sweep away and out of power a number of Arab leadership who certainly overstayed their welcome and whose continued leadership bring nothing more than a disasters.

Never understood why the Arab masses, and in particular Palestinian public do not rise en mass, similar to the uprising that swept away the Shah of Iran out of power making sure he left very humiliated in punishment of his years of arrogance and abuse and crimes committed against the people of Iran.

Never understood why the Arab masses in Iraq did not rise en mass against Saddam, similar to the uprising against Nicolae Ceasusescu the leader of Romania who was no less of a criminal than Saddam and whose use of secrete police to oppress and intimidate and murder the people of Romanian no different than that of Saddam.

Never understood why the people of Syria did not rise against Hafiz Assad like that of the people of Poland when millions took to the streets defying one of the most oppressive Soviet regime putting an end to rule of the Soviet Communist Party in Poland.

Never understood why the people of Libya did not rise against Muamar Qaddafi similar to the people of Hungry when they rose against the leaders of the Communist Party driving dictatorship out of power.

Never understood why the people of Sudan and Egypt did not rise en mass and drive Nasser and his incompetent and dictatorial regime and that of Bashir and his criminal regime out of Sudan similar to the people of Czechoslovakia.

Never understood why our people seems to lack the collective courage to rise up and take matters in their hands and put an end to years of humiliations and failures of the nation. I am sure that our people do not lack the courage to face death, since they do face it and millions ended up in the grave years en mass. They are willing to die by the millions, as a direct decisions by their rulers, yet never use this death en mass to make gains in freedoms and liberty and self-dignity. Never understand why they do this. They allow dictatorship to kill them in retail, yet not willing to die en mass to gain their freedom.

As I see it, the problem is the lack of leadership from the masses that can organize and lead the people en mass and drives these criminal dictatorships out of power and reclaims their own freedom, liberty and reclaims their own country. The Arab world always lacked the honest and competent intellectual leadership that can rally the people around them and lead them to freedom. Arab intellectuals and lack of competent leaders like those of Ghandi, Mandela and Havel. Arab intellectuals have always been a source of the problem and do not appear to be part of the solution. The Arab masses need some real help.

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