Sunday, July 1, 2007

Time for the Palestinians to admit, armed resistence is no longer an option. Arafat gave that up in Oslo. Israel did not give up anything.

Both Fatah and Hamas continue to talk of armed resistance and military solutions to the Israeli Occupation when both should know better. Hamas continue to believe that its small arms resistance can end the occupation of the West Bank and end the Israeli control over the air, sea, land and even oxygen over Gaza. It is a fools dream.
Fatah trying to cover up for Arafat failure in liberating Palestine is also in a dream of its own making except its armed resistance has nothing to do with liberation and protection of the people against Israel but has every thing to do with political balance of power with Hamas not to mention its needs to keep the spoils brought on by Oslo.
What is so surprising is that both Hamas and Fatah, organizations that should know better and should have read Oslo much better and understood its provision.
One of those provisions signed on by the not so brilliant Palestinian negotiating team in Oslo is that the PLO speaking for an on behalf of the Palestinian people give up any and all forms of resistance to the Israeli military occupation, peaceful and specially armed resistance. The not so smart and not so brilliant team in Oslo gave these options up in return for a lucrative security contract with Israel, while agreeing to Israel absolute right to shoot, kill, murder, destroy any thing and every thing and to pursue its criminal policy of settlements, land theft, ethnic cleansing and of course the ever present and expanding and humiliating check points for the poor and miserable millions of Palestinians who have to travel from one town to the other or who have to attend to their farms and fields. Yet these no so brilliant negotiators made sure they and their buddies in the future Soweto have VIP passes to zip through Israeli checkpoints while millions have to wait for hours and days and face daily humiliations simply to exist.
Arafat gave up the right of both armed and civil resistance long time when he and his brilliant team when they signed Oslo. Hamas should have understood this when it read Oslo, or did it act in the same brilliant way the Palestinian Oslo team when they signed a contract they did not read. Time to sue for the UN to come and take over and manage the place and time for Hamas, Fatah and the entire PLO team to retire and save the Palestinians from their disastrous leadership.
Under Oslo Arafat to ensure he deliver for Israel, Arafat with the help of the US and Israel and with funding coming from all over the world, Arafat set up many security organizations with one of the most infamous security organizations such as the likes of Preventive Security Organizations run and initially operated by two of Fatah and Arafat thugs such as Dahlan and Rajoub. More Palestinians died in jails run by the infamous Preventive Security Organization than those died in Israeli jails. That should tell us something about Arafat, Dahlan and Rajoub and Fatah and how they ran the Palestinian Authority.
Hamas when it signed on to run in elections must have understood the rules of the games and should have understood what was needed of it. However Hamas did not do such a good job as it took over the reign of government. What Hamas should have done is to first address the issue of recognition of Israel and I think its leadership was not up to it and it should have anticipated what the world should expect from it given the fact that the US and Israel labled Hamas as a terrorists organization.
Hamas wanted to have it both ways, it could not do that. Hamas must have addressed its labeling as a terrorist organization and should have addressed the issue of Israel recognition immediately without beating around the bush. The central theme for Hamas, should have been yes, we do recognize Israel but unlike Fatah and Arafat who recognized Israel without any limitations and without any conditions. In fact, Arafat in Oslo accepted Israel not only as an occupying power but also as sovereign power over the Occupied Territories, with rights over the land, water, and people including the decision of who can come in or who can reside within the areas administered by the Palestinian Authority.
Hamas should have learned from the Likud when it came to power based on disagreement and in opposition to Oslo. Hamas was the same place like Likud.
Perhaps it is time for the Palestinians to admit that the time of armed resistance is over and it is time to rethink the strategy. Since Oslo was nothing but a disaster, it is time for the Palestinians to seek help from the UN to come in and take over. The Palestinian people suffered over 40 years of Fatah leadership and it proved disaster, and the Palestinians could not afford another 40 years of a Hamas mess.

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