Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Palestinian leadership that negotiated Oslo is unqualified and unfit to negotiate an end to the occupation.

Can the same Palestinians leadership that negotiated Oslo negotiate an end to the Israeli Occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State? The answer is obvious, NO.

The Palestinians leadership of the late Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas and Ahmed Qurai and all of the Fatah leaders, so far, failed to admit that Oslo was nothing more than a security contract between the late Arafat and his team and the Israelis and was nothing more than a face saving measures for a leadership that caused great harm and loss to the Palestinian people especially those of Kuwait as a direct consequences of Arafat support of Saddam.

After 15 years of Oslo it should be obvious to every one except the Palestinian leadership that Oslo was not the right way to achieve peace and end the Occupation. Oslo was at best a security contract where by Arafat and the PLO guaranteed Israel an end to the First Intifada with Israel and the West giving direct financial aid, compensation for this.

It is also obvious that the leadership was not keen, perhaps overlooked all the issues and consequences of occupations such as building and expanding settlements, road blocks and checkpoints, stealing more land and the ever present right of Israel to enter all occupied territories with tanks and armored cars and of course pursue and kill armed Palestinians not member of Arafat security forces.

Both Israel and the Palestinians Authority leadership have clear understanding that Palestinian security organizations where not to provide security for the people from Israel and its army and its settlers, but to provide security for the occupation and of course protecting Israel while it pursue its policies. The Palestinian Authority under Oslo was nothing more than the PA acting as subcontractor to the Israeli Civil Administration with no authority over land and no authority over residency. In fact the issue of residency like fuel and other business opportunities where given as contracts to those favored by Arafat with the possibility of millions of dollars in fees, money that does not go to the treasury but to the pockets of key people within the authority.

The present Palestinian leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, Ahmed Qurai, Nabil Amr, Yaser Abed Rabou, Nabil Shath, Mohamed Dahlan, and Saeb Eraikat, I doubt if they really understand Oslo and its obligations and understand how such an agreement failed to liberate and end the occupation. How can these people again negotiate and end to the occupation. Very unlikely. During the period where the Palestinians where negotiating implementations of Oslo, many of those responsible for the negotiations never read any files, nor prepared any documents to help them negotiate and get a decent deal. Peres expressed that clearly when he said, during Oslo "we negotiated with our self" and not with the Palestinians.

For the most part, those who were involved in the negotiations where privy to private and confidential information and where able to make good use of such knowledge to acquire large tracks of lands and make a killing out of it. A case in point is the fact that Jamil Tarifi who was responsible for the home rule, did not have any maps and in fact some of the key neighborhood in my hometown of El-Bireh where in area C, which means under Israeli control. Such is the kind of leadership we have within the present Palestinian Authority. Without exception, the entire team responsible for Oslo could never be the team entrusted with negotiating an end to the occupation. The facts on the ground are best proof of that.

Furthermore, the inability of the Palestinian Authority over the last 15 years to establish any sense of institutions and proper management is another proof of that. Moreover an organization riddled with corruptions with billions lost and wasted and monopolies given to cronies could never be entrusted with the future of the nation.

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