Saturday, July 14, 2007

America's gift to the Arabs used to be the Care Package, under Bush and Rice it is the Cluster Bomb.

I am sure Secretary Rice did not watch “Every Woman” on Aljazeera International special program on Lebanese women and Israel and America’s war on Lebanon.

The use of cluster bombs is illegal and against the Geneva Convention especially when such cluster bombs are used against civilian targets. The US eager to participate in having the Lebanese factions reach an agreement at the round table discussions decided to give the green light for Israel’s war on Lebanon. Not only did the US give the green light it expedited the transfer of over one million cluster bombs to Israel so that it can drop these bombs using US made planes to kill and maim thousands of civilians.

President George Bush and Secretary Rice viewed Hizbollah kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers as a golden opportunity to teach the Lebanese people something about democracy and something about American value system as practiced by Chaney-Bush White House.

One has to ask the question why drop over one million cluster bombs few days before Israel decided that it is losing the battle with Hizbollah and that not even nuclear bomb will change any thing on the front line with Hizbollah?

The Aljazeera program in contrast to Secretary Rice who promoted and supported Israel’s dropping of cluster bomb on civilians in South Lebanon, showed Lebanese women with greater commitment for their country than ever, and showed women defying military airplanes as they drop their bombs to report the news and show what the great civilizations of Israel and American is all about. Total destructions of entire towns will not deter the people from rebuilding and celebrating life while Washington and Tel-Aviv support and celebrate death.

Hundreds of thousands of cluster bombs did not explode and are a time bombs killing scores of children so far. Perhaps Secretary Rice should take the time and see the section on women trained and working with other men removing Secretary Rice gifts to the Lebanese people. The actions and commitments of these women should be celebrated around the world, as the forces of good removing cluster bombs the tools of evil governments and evil leaderships.

The Lebanese people and children should always remember President George Bush and Secretary Rice as those responsible for Israel dropping more than a million cluster bombs. That means one cluster bomb for every five Lebanese. In the old days, people of the world looked forward to the Care package that America sent as a gift to the world. Now under the rules of George Bush and Condy Rice, the people of the world can look only for cluster bombs and more and more killings. We all miss America of the old days, when America stood for all the good things we wished for. George Bush and his team have ruined in few years what millions of American build over centuries.

Every time a child die as a result of a cluster Bomb, I am sure Secretary Rice will be passing the candy to her staff celebrating another failed policy. Thanks to all of the Lebanese women who showed strength and commitment to their country. Yes, let us celebrate life while Condy Rice can celebrate death and pass the candy around every time a Lebanese or a Palestine child dies.

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