Sunday, July 1, 2007

Only a UN Trusteeship can jump start the Arab Peace Plan and save Palestine and the Palestinians.

El-Bireh/ Ramallah/ Agadir:
I returned few days ago from my trip to my birthplace and my hometown of El-Bireh,
after 8 years of absence. I was there when Hamas decided to route Fatah warlords out of Gaza and I was there when Hamas militias went on the rampage doing every thing that is un-Islamic and behaving in the same way the thugs of Fatah behave for a long time. I was also there when the night of the Fatah routing, Fatah militias organized conveys of some 40 vehicles manned by armed masked men, guns at the ready roaming the streets of El-Bireh and Ramallah in a show of force under the protective eyes of the Palestinian Authority security forces. I was also there when Fatah gangs ransacked so many social services institutions and private homes causing millions of dollars of damages to private and public properties.
After the event in Gaza and the irresponsible and reckless behavior of Hamas gangs and militias and the behavior of Fatah gangs and militias and the absence of any responsible role of the government in Ramallah, the deal in Mecca is for sure dead, and if I know the Saudi well, they will not deal any more with a Palestinian leadership that did not live up to its promise in the Holy City of Mecca and did not honor its commitments to King Abdullah who put all of his efforts and prestige to ensure the success of the Mecca Accord.
I am also convinced that Abbas leadership and all of the so called PLO executive behind him are totally unfit and unqualified to lead the Palestinian people to the promise land of freedom and liberty and all of their actions is only to protect and preserve the privileged they had over the last 40 years where they made such a big mess of a noble cause. The same is true of Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership, they are all unqualified to lead and have no sense of the big picture and are living in a world of their own making and creation.
The summit conference in Sharm El-Sheik and Israel renewal of target assassination, expanding military operations in both Gaza and the West Bank is a convincing evidence that the PLO and the PA leadership are simply not good enough and not strong enough to deal with or negotiate any fair deal with Israel and the best they can come up with is another Oslo and this time for a provisional Palestinian State with shrinking borders and with much smaller land mass with continued expansions of settlements and Jews Only Roads, with no protection of Palestinians and their properties from Israel and its criminal army. Simply put, the Palestinian people and with the full range of leadership they have are simply not in a position to negotiate any thing that can preserve a future Palestinian state and the only hope for the Palestinian people is for the UN Security Council to incorporate the Arab Peace Plan into an international trusteeship over Occupied Palestine.

Months have passed since the Arabs met in Riyadh to declare their recommitment to the Arab Peace Plan originally submitted and announced in Beirut by then Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
King Abdullah at the Riyadh summit was determined to move forward with peace between the Arabs and Israel with the Arab Peace Plan as the foundation for peace between the Arabs and Israel. The plan calls for a total withdrawal of Israel from the territories it occupied in 67 including East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, resolving the Palestinian refugees issues through negotiations in exchange for an open and normal relationships with Israel. With many months past, since the meeting in Riyadh nothing happened, in fact things have taking a turn to the worst.
It is very unlikely that the Arabs on their own will make any headway with Israeli, without some very active support from the permanent members of the UN Security Council and without any upfront commitment from the US that it will not veto any move in the UN Security Council to support and adopt the Arab Peace Plan as the blue print for peace between the Arabs including the Palestinians and Israel.
It does not take a genius to see that left on their own, the Palestinians and the Israelis could never reach peace, and the most they could conclude is the kind of security agreements like that of Oslo where the nature of the military occupation may change but does not end. Oslo is but an example of how security contracts that are not based on political foundations could never achieve permanent peace.
More troublesome is the sad truth that the Palestinians over the last 100 years have not learned much from the conflict with Israel and that 40 years of PLO leadership failed them at liberation and failed to bring about a corrupt free and competent administration under occupation and proved they are simply unfit and not ready to run and manage their own free state. The internal conflicts between Hamas and Fatah that caused the death and injuries of hundreds and destructions of untold private and public property are but a proof of this failure.
The only way to save the Palestinians from themselves and bring about a credible peace, not a process, with Israel is for the Arabs to take their case and their peace plan to the UN Security Council and get a jump start on the way toward peace by securing a unanimous vote for the peace plan and of course without the ever expected veto from the US. The UN Security Council resolution must have implementing power and dates and should not be left to Israel to determine if it chose to accept it.
The UN Security Council resolution should include a provision to place the Palestinian Occupied Territories under a UN Security Council Trusteeship for an interim period of 5 years.
The interim period will arrange for an orderly and quick exist and ending of Israeli military occupations, bring about a disarming of all Palestinian factions including those of Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and President Abbas own militia and of course disarm all Israeli armed settlers. The interim period allows for the people to catch their breath for 40 years from both Israeli military occupation and living under the management and administration of a failed Palestinian Authority. The UN Trusteeship takes over from both the Israelis and the Palestinians total management and administration of the territories including security for both Palestinians and Israelis living in the territories. Since Jerusalem is a subject of great contentions,
East Jerusalem should be included as part of the trusteeship with open and full access to all without any restriction to access to holy places.
The interim period will bring an end to one of the longest military and illegal occupation in modern history, allow the Palestinian to live a normal life without the ever present Israeli military occupation and the hundreds of military checkpoints and of course it brings an end to the ever expansions of illegal settlements.
The UN Trusteeship allows the Palestinians under the trusteeship and in the Diaspora to put their own house in order without having to submit to the will of armed militias and failed, corrupt and incompetent organizations and institutions of both the PLO and the Palestinian Authority. The UN Trusteeship will allow for the emergence of leaderships that has the mandate to negotiate and finalize a full peace with Israel including the issue of the refugees. Only a UN Trusteeship can jump start the Arab Peace Plan and save Palestine and the Palestinians.

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