Tuesday, August 7, 2007

While our nation infastructure falls apart

On August 2, 2007 a major bridge on the Mississippi River collapsed near Minneapolis, killing scores of people and disrupting major interstate highway. The collapsed bridge is but one of the many major bridges that collapsed in the US in the last few years.

Added to the Minneapolis bridge are East Chicago Bridge that collapsed in 1982, the Sunshine Skyway in 1980, Minnis River Bridge in 1983, Silver Bridge connecting West Virginia and Ohio in 1967, Webber Falls bridge spanning the Arkansas River in 2002, a bridge, part of the New York Thruway collapsed near the city of Amsterdam, NY, of course not to mention the levee breakdown in the City of New Orleans destroying the entire city and causing hundreds of thousands to flee the city.

According to Ron Schera of the Christian Science Monitor at least one fourth of the 577,000 bridges nationwide are deemed deficient. Such conclusion fits very well with the conclusion of the American Society of Civil Engineers, which gave the nation bridges a D mark, with some 160,000 bridges rated deficient or obsolete. Yet George Bush cuts $90 billions from the nation highway budget and yet finds enough money to fund the War on Iraq and give Israel $ 30 billions in weapons and billions of additional dollars to build its infrastructure.

While our nation infrastructure is falling apart from Manhattan to San Francisco, we as a nation find $500 billions to fund the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and of course find hundred of billions of dollars to spend on a nationwide industry called homeland security and terrorism. Of course money given to consulting firms and terrorist experts to tell us that we are in grave danger from the Talibans and Al-Qaeda. Yet we do not have enough money to reinvest in our century old infrastructure.

One only need to look at New York City with its collapsing infrastructure as we seen last week when a 100 year old steam pipe exploded causing a large sinkhole enough to take with it several trucks and cars.

Not only our bridges are falling apart, but the nation rails system, the nation schools and parks. Every thing is falling apart and our illustrious leaders in Washington do not give a damn about this nation and its infrastructure, yet find hundreds of billions to waste on a war that was designed in the first place to protect Israel and has nothing to do with our nation security or insecurity.

One has to question the value and the benefits of hundreds of billions spent on fighting terrorism within the United States and see if our nation and our people are more secure or less secure or see if we are getting tangible benefits from the billions given away to consulting firms and terrorism expert.

One has to see the kind of garbage these national security and terror expert firms sells our Department of Homeland Security. Someone was able to sell the government on the idea of spending several million dollars on a mobile “sniffing units” deployed in neighborhood with Muslims and Arabs to see if the smell or the steam of cooking Koskos, Mansaf, Shaworma or Tagin are a danger to our national security.

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