Sunday, August 26, 2007

Did David Walsh Prompts Mahmoud Abbas to Shoots and Kills his own People to Prove he in Charge?

It is hard to believe that a senior officer of the US State Department tells Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority to shoot and kill his own people and tells him the more he kills the better to show he is in charge. How true?

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in Tangier, I sat down and was reading the print version of Al-Quds Alarabi, the Arabic paper published in London ( not sure who provide financial support for the paper and its publisher since there are no advertising). In any case, Al-Quds as a rule devote almost one full page to the Hebrew/Israeli press on a daily basis, which I think is a great idea, to give Arab readers the chance to see what is in the Israel press. I do read Haaretz on a daily basis but not Maariv.

The article written by Tal Schneider of Maariv (28/08/2007) states how the US policies in the Middle East contributed to the many failures and the escalating violence. The article by Ms. Schneider quotes on of the senior writers of the Washington Post who travels frequently with Secretary Condoleezza Rice. Glenn Kessler is writing a book due in September titled "Confident; The Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy".

In the Schneider article, and quoting from Kessler book, the US expressing so much exasperation with the weak leadership of Mohmoud Abbas and shortly after alleged assassination plot against Abbas, quotes David Walsh , The Assistant Secretary, telling Mahmoud Abbas roughly the following, my own translation from Arabic to English " One time when the Palestinians tried to assassinate Abu-Mazen, David Walsh, head of the Middle East at the State Department contacted him ( Abu-Mazen) and asked him to make immediate move to prove to the Palestinians his leadership and your task is to open fire at them, and the more killed, the better, let all of them go to hell".

The phone call and the demand from David Walsh to Mahmoud Abbas to fire at and kill Palestinians if true is a serious offense by a senior official at the State Department, perhaps in violations of the US laws advocating murder, and of course an insult to Mahmoud Abbas as the Palestinian Authority President. And its shows that Mahmoud Abbas, no matter what he tried to do get his instructions from Washington, and of course if instructions come from Washington, for sure they were coming from Tel-Aviv.

I am surprise that none of the Arab or the US media picked up this and raised question about a senior US officer telling a foreign leader to shoot and kill his own people and the more the better and" they all can go to hell".

Perhaps an investigation into this claim is warranted when a US senior official who supposedly engaged in peace discussions advocate and order one of the parties to open fire on his own people. One can understand if the instructions is coming from the US to Israel to open fire and kill Palestinians, but for the instructions to come from Washington to Mahmoud Abbas to open fire on his own people and the more he kills the better is a serious issue. Now one can understand why the US is funding and arming Mahmoud Abbas own militias. An explanation is needed from both the US and from Mahmoud Abbas and his team in Ramallah. Perhaps now we know why the US was so keen on giving Abbas $80 millions to arm and train his own militia?

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