Friday, August 17, 2007

Greedy and Crooked American Businessmen Recite Pledge of Allegiance on their Way to Rob and Fleece the US Treasury.

While reading the online addition of today’s Washington Post, an article written by the Post staff writer Renae Merle caught my eye. The headlines read “ Defense Contractor Was Paid $1 Million to Ship 2 Washers”. Reading further, I was able to find that the South Carolina defense contractor (no doubt a blue blooded Republican) C &D Distributors was paid, and get this, the government paid 112 fraudulently invoices worth some $20 millions to this crooked contractor.

The article and I quote” among the invoices was 2004 order for a single $ 8.75 elbow pipe was shipped for $445,640, according to documents. Also last year, a $10.99 machine thread plug was shipped for $492,096. Last year, six machine screws worth a total of $ 59.94 were shipped at a cost of $ 403,436”.

The story took me back to last year when I was surfing the net and looked up audits of contracts awarded by the Republican run Department of Defense. And to my surprise I read with much astonishment how the government, a Republican lead government awarded a defense contractor with close relations to non other than our Mr. Cheney the sum of $ 26.5 millions to deliver $ 87,000 worth of jet fuel.

Reading further, I was able to read that DOD paid defense contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root almost all of the $221 millions, though the Defense Contract Audit Agency questioned these payments. It is also interesting to note that our Republican lead government awarded KBR more than $2.5 Billions of contracts despite lack of documentations.

It seems this Republican administration and its cronies in Congress like to steal from the poor and give to the rich by awarding companies run by crooks hundreds of millions of dollars of contract some without the benefits of open biddings. KBR was awarded get this, $22.5 Billions of US Military contracts on non-competitive basis. Something must be wrong with this Republican administration. How could any one vote Republican?

Congressman Waxman announced in a report delivered to Congress that 19 Katrina contracts worth a collective sum of $ 8.75 Billions “ experienced significant overcharges, wasteful spending and mismanagement”.

Acting Inspector General of Homeland Security, Richard Skinner testifies before Congress in May 2005 and admits that fraud in contacts awarded to contractors for the Katrina recovery could top $2 Billions. I also read of a bankrupt NC company whose owner was forced to declare bankruptcy because of fraud and cheating was awarded a contract worth over $250 millions for Katrina of course without bidding.

It seems the Cheney-Bush administrations not only encourage but nurture fraud and crooked business and does not mind when their Republican business friends raid the treasury robbing and stealing the public, and of course as long as they support George Bush war on terror and by his lines we are winning the war.

Never in the history of the US has been an administration with so many greedy and crooked businessmen as friends and financial contributors. Of course most if not all are blue-blooded Republicans who sing the national anthem every morning and who pledge the allegiance to the flag on their way to rob and fleece our national treasury.

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