Sunday, September 23, 2007

A "Tipsy" Peter King Inducts himself in the "Assholes Hall of Fame".

The recent comments made by Congressman Peter King R-New York surely qualifies him for inductions into the "Assholes Hall of Fame". The not so honorable congressman, a racist and a bigot through and trough was a strong supporter of the IRA terrorism since the IRA did commits similar terrorists acts committed by radical Muslim groups around the world, killing and maiming innocent people in N. Ireland and in London, as they went about planting bombs in public places. The congressman when it comes to terrorism is not so honorable, forgetting that terrorism is terrorism whether committed by Irish Catholics, Muslims, Jews or Hindus.

To Peter King as we watched on YouTube declared in an interview with" Politico" "There are too many mosques in this country. There are too many people sympathetic to radical Islam, we should be looking at them carefully and finding ways to infiltrate them." These words do not represent a man well known for being "too tipsy" but shows he is a racist to the core.

Of Course the not so honorable congressman, chose to serve in the National Guard (1968-1973) of course like his George Bush and other Republican "Chicken Hawks" did not want to serve in Vietnam or perhaps was too afraid to go to war and serve his country. Like the many die hard Republicans who chose to have others serve and die for their country, they do enjoy doing the thing they like to do the most, talk of patriotism and talk of serving America, while choosing to hide in the safety of their safe and plush offices. It seems Peter King took his queue from Dick Cheney who "had other important things to do" than serve the United States of American as a soldier. Peter King and other Republicans simply enjoy when other others die and they enjoy it more when they visit the heroes and the braves, the maimed and injured and thank them for their service to the country while denying them the proper medical and psychological care they need the most. It is so ironic that the most patriots of all Republicans are also the most cowards.

It seems that Peter King is at his best when he is "tipsy". After a leaving reception at the White House shortly before the Polls closed on the 2004 Presidential elections he declared to Alex Pelosi in his film "Diary of a Political Tourist" the election is over, we won". Pelosi asked a "tipsy" Peter King, "How do you know that?" a "tipsy" King added" it is all over but the counting and we'll take care of that". Perhaps he knew something about American democracy that we as voters do not know!

Moreover a "tipsy" Peter King no doubt under the influence, declared in February 2006 and as quoted in
That "things were blooming in Baghdad and that being in Baghdad was like being in Manhattan". No doubt Peter King was either too drunk or too stoned to make such statements. For sure he lives in a different planet, and does not watch the evening news. For sure he does not visit the maimed and injured soldiers to hear their stories, no doubt ashamed of himself for choosing not to enlist in the Army with a chance to go to war in Vietnam. He lives his fantasies and as someone who serves on the Homeland Security should know how many thousands of our brave soldiers died and how hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died. Perhaps the congressman is always "tipsy".

The bigotry and racism of Peter King is almost legendary. The man who chose to sit out the war in New York and who supported IRA terrorism supported racial profiling and supported the extra screenings of Middle Eastern and South Asians due to their ethnicity and religion. I know too many great friends who are Irish and who are Catholics and I could never see myself or for that matter see the Congress support racial and religious profiling of Irish Americans because they wanted the British Occupation of N. Ireland to end.

I do not know how Peter King gets his information about the active support of terrorism among Muslims in this country. Of the millions of Muslims in this country none committed the kind of terrorist crimes committed by Tim McVae? Congressman Peter King and his Home Land Security have my full support to go after every Muslim or any Arab who actively engage in any crimes that endanger America or Americans or for that matter any civilians any where around the world including Israel. Yes, Congressman King, there are individuals of the Muslim faith who do commit crimes and they are no different from Irish-Americans, or Jewish Americans or Italian-Americans who commit felony crimes. Why only the Muslim community is the only one targeted by bigots like Peter King ?

Perhaps Peter King suggests that Muslims and Arabs should be tattooed and implanted with "smart chips" with their SS numbers for easy tracking, or perhaps he can sponsor legislations that forces Muslims and Arabs to wear armed bands designating them as "Muslims" or Arabs similar to the Nazi who did the same thing to Jews. Thanks God, Peter King is not a founding father of America, I am sure he would have banned the Blacks, the Jews, the Irish, the Italians, the Muslims and the Arabs out of America. No Congressman King we are no less patriot that any other community in this country. We also proudly served in the armed forces of the United States of America. So please do not teach us any of your patriotism.

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