Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Gates of Heaven are Closed Until Further Notice !

I read with much surprise generating lots of contempt for the family of Shaker Al-Abbsy, the Palestinian terrorist who was killed few days ago by the Lebanese Army at the Nahr Al-Bared Refugee Camp.

What generated my contempt for the family and the deceased is the news the family is treating her terrorist son as “martyr” making the decision for the All Mighty Allah, the deity that can make such a decision.

Shaker Al-Abbsy, the terrorist who terrorized and exiled over 30,000 Palestinian refugees is deemed by his family and many of the “salafi” crowd as “martyr”.

These days, every Mohamed, Iqbal, or Mushtaq that commits terrorist crimes and kills innocent people is deemed “martyr” by the family, friends and all of the lunatics that form the “salafi” circles. Of course they can only refer to the killer and murderer as “martyr” yet they are totally silent about the scores of totally innocent people they kill. If the killer is a “martyr” what does it make those people he killed “collateral damage” or “kuffar”?

Whether it is Gaza, Egypt, Iraq or Pakistan (oh there are a whole lots of those ready made “martyrs”, Afghanistan, Turkey , Philippines and even Thailand, not to mention Morocco, Algeria among other countries where criminals and mentally deranged misfits calling themselves “jihadist” are ready to kill themselves and many, hundreds if not thousand others on their way to becoming “martyr”. ( Oh there are a whole lots of those ready made “martyrs” who are ready to kill in Iraq and Pakistan.

Perhaps my understanding of Islam is different, perhaps the Allah that I worship and pray to 5 times a day is different, and perhaps the Holy Quran that I read on regular basis is different since I do not believe that the gates of heaven are open to murderers and killers even they happened to be “muslim” with a small “m”. From what I know of the Allah that I love and worship to the Holy Quran that is my true guide and the only guide I do not believe “walelmu enda Allah” that these killers and murderers are “martyrs”.

How can any one believe, that someone like Al-Zarqawi or Shaker Al-Abbsy who committed hundreds if not thousands of murders are “martyrs”. There is something fundamentally wrong with those who believe these criminals and murderers are “martyrs”. How can any one responsible for the destruction of an entire town, a refugee camps for the 30, 000 who have no place to go, and who is responsible for their exile and again flights and destructions of their homes, properties and family units can be a “martyr”.?

Of course there are a whole lots of questions the Lebanese government have to answer not only to the 200 members of the Lebanese Army who died in the fighting, but to the 30,000 who had to leave every thing and lose every thing to Shaker Al-Abbsy and his “Fatah Al-Islam”. The Lebanese government have to answer how these terrorist where allowed into the country? How these terrorists where allowed to bring with them the heavy weapons they had? How these terrorists where able to have such a substantial financial support to allow them to do what they did.? Someone, somewhere in Lebanon have lots of money and with some connections that allowed these terrorists in? How the Lebanese government can calls itself a sovereign government if it could not protect and have control over its borders? Someone in Beirut must have all the answers to these questions.

Equally troublesome is the way these terrorists came into the camp and were allowed into it together with their families. From what I know in Lebanon almost if not all of the camps are out of the jurisdiction of the Lebanese government and are under the control of Fatah or the PLO. These refugee camps under the control of Palestinian militias” that belong to Fatah and no one can enter or leave the camps without some kind of control.

The question is how did these terrorists come into the camp and who gave them the permission? Also from what I know is that such major issues or events such as allowing a bunch of terrorists to come in to the camps with their weapons received some kind of green line from someone in Beirut?

Perhaps this is a very expensive and costly lesson for the Palestinians to never allow bunch of terrorists to come and take them hostage and of course to hold those Palestinian leaders of the camps responsible. Also this may be a good time as any to bring all Palestinian camps under the control and jurisdiction of the Lebanese government.

However and given the history of the Lebanese government and its total lack of effective government and the fact that many leaders are war criminals, some of whom responsible for the cold blooded murder of tens of thousands of Palestinians there must be some kind of international guarantees, that will prevent the repeat of Sabra and Shatilla and will prevent the repeat of the US not living to its promise to protect those left behind as was the case in 1982.

Yes, we can only ask the All Mighty Allah to close the Gates of Heaven in the face of killers and murderers who commits such horrible crimes in the name of Islam. Jordan should never allow his body to spoil the earth. The man’s body should be left to the vultures.

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